List of the most tweeted web series, TV show of the year


In 2020, the entertainment genre has made its presence known in people’s lives more than ever. It has certainly been a year of redefinition for the world of showbiz.

2020 is the year that will go down in history as the year that changed not only the way people live, dress, socialize and communicate for citizens around the world, but also as the year that brought about a sea change in the way entertainment was consumed.

From watching movies in theaters to consuming content on OTT platforms, 2020 has become all about the frenzy of web series and TV shows and chilling out at home as people around the world s ‘adapted to the new standard put in place by the new coronavirus.

With many things canceled and closed, from international air travel, weddings to awards shows, and offices and schools closed unconditionally, it was a redefining moment for the entertainment world as the digital industry was in full swing. boom.

The entertainment genre has made its presence known in people’s lives and on Twitter more than ever, meeting many basic human needs – from bringing people together and building online communities to drowning in the monotony of life. daily.

In the absence of live entertainment, fans have used the Twitter service to connect directly with their favorite celebrities, artists and influencers. They tweeted about their love for movies, TV shows, and digital releases, and actively sought out recommendations on what to binge watch.

The celebrities have also gone out of their way to express themselves and interact with their fans on the service.

Here is a look at the most tweeted web series and TV shows of 2020 in India:


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