Limited Series Scores – Deadline


By the very nature of its co-creators and the story they have to tell, Colin Kaepernick and Ava DuVernay Pollock in black and white was never going to be your standard coming-of-age drama.

In that vein, step into the game and watch my video review above of the athlete / activist and Oscar nominee Netflix limited series.

Scheduled to launch Friday on the streamer, all six episodes Pollock in black and white stars Lowering veterinarian Jaden Michael as the teenage version of the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback. Chasing his dreams of being a quarterback in high school and college and hit hard by the institutional and cultural barriers that stand in his way, the biracial adopted son of white parents (played by Mary-Louis Parker and Nick Offerman) develops a very real sense of what America wants to allow it and where it wants to place it.

In many ways, in a tribute to the series, it seems almost inconceivable at this point that Kaepernick could have more drama in his life, off or on the pitch or on screen.

Sitting and then kneeling during the national anthem in protest against institutional racism and police brutality, Kap was fired in 2017 by the NFL for his constitutionally guaranteed position under pressure from Luffy Donald Trump. At the peak of his career, the man who helped take the 49ers to the Super Bowl in 2013 has still not been signed by a league that alternately uses Kap as a poster or an outcast depending on how the political winds blow.

Yet in the Michael Starrbury-written Pollock in black and white, the now iconic Kap speaks directly in the DuVernay-led segments in his own voice, looking at both his own life and the world today – unfiltered.

Other than that, let me give you a hint: there is a lot of history in Pollock in black and white and not just in the field. Take a look at the review above to see what I mean.

Pollock in black and white is directed by DuVernay, Sheldon Candis, Robert Townsend, Angel Kristi Williams and Kenny Leon. The limited series is produced by DuVernay, Kaepernick and Starrbury.


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