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A man from Donegal has been appointed as a new presenter on BBC Newsline.

Letterkenny man Declan Harvey will join his BBC Radio Ulster Evening Extra co-host Tara Mills (both pictured above) on the TV crew.

Mr. Harvey will also continue as a presenter on Evening Extra.

BBC NI chief information officer Adam Smyth said Harvey brought considerable experience to the role.

Mr. Harvey will begin his new role at the start of the new year.

He will present BBC Newsline on days Tara Mills presents Evening Extra and he will present Evening Extra on days Tara Mills hosts BBC Newsline.

Mr Harvey started his broadcasting career in London, joining BBC Radio 1’s Newsbeat program in 2012, later becoming his political reporter covering the UK general election, the 2016 US presidential race and the Brexit referendum.

He started working for BBC News NI as a senior reporter in 2017 and has co-hosted Evening Extra since April 2020.

Mr. Harvey and Tara Mills also presented the ‘Year 21’ podcast, marking key events and themes around Northern Ireland’s centenary year.

Mr Harvey called Newsline a “date viewing Northern Ireland”.

“2022 will undoubtedly bring surprises and challenges,” he said.

“I’m thrilled to help tell these stories on TV and to maintain the great relationship we’ve built with Evening Extra listeners over the past 18 months.”

Mr. Smyth described Declan as an excellent journalist and presenter already known to the public.

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