Launch of Free Fire MAX Light Fest Event Series: Free Backpack to Connect Now


Garena has launched the Free Fire MAX Light Fest event series for the Indian server which will provide players with exciting rewards for free throughout this month. The developers have also launched the Events Calendar which outlines the main rewards and events set in the new series of Light Fest.

Every month, Garena presents a new series of events that offer several freebies to Free Fire MAX users. Following the conclusion of the Double Trouble events, Garena announced the launch of a new series of events, Light Fest, for Indian users on Friday, October 7. This upcoming series of events, as the name suggests, is focused around the Diwali holiday and will include a wide range of free rewards including pets, clothes, vouchers, cosmetics, loadout items , magic cubes, etc.

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Garena Free Fire MAX Light Fest events bring multiple free in-game rewards

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As mentioned above, the new series began on October 7 and will remain active for three weeks before ending on October 28. During the given time, several events will take place in the game as part of the Light Fest series, where players will have to complete a few tasks to earn rewards.

Here is the schedule of events for the Free Fire MAX Light Fest series which will be active from October 7 to October 28:

  1. Exchange Store 1: Gather the Light – October 7 to October 28
  2. Exchange Store 2: Gather the Light – October 14 to October 28
  3. Roaring Knight Pack: Fight the Darkness – October 14 to October 28
  4. Daily Missions for Cube Fragments: Magic Cube Challenge – October 14 to October 24
  5. Highlights of Peak Day October 24 – October 24
  6. Festival of Light – October 24 to October 28

As of now, the “Login for Backpack” and “Gather the Light” events are ongoing, the latter being one of the series exclusives.

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Login for Backpack – Grab the Golden Eagle Backpack for Free

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The Backpack Event Login will remain active until October 13, 2022 and all players need to do is login every day to get the Ultimate Backpack Skin for free. Players must log into the game for 5 days without jumping to earn the backpack skin. There are also other set rewards in the event including Universal Fragments, Deadly Bat Weapon Loot Crate, Bounty Token, and more.

Gather the Light Event

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This event will remain active until October 28 and offers players a wide variety of items where players can have a chance to claim a legendary gun skin, pet, costume set as well as an emote. Players must gather unique Light Tokens from various sources, including daily and team missions. You can then redeem these special tokens for a host of goodies, such as permanent weapon skins, pets, clothing bundles, emotes, and more.

There will be new missions included in the game every day at 4am IST and players will need to complete them all before they can reset again. All of these missions must be completed in Garena’s Free Fire MAX casual or ranked modes.

Exchange Store 1 will contain gun skins including Vector – FFWS 2021, Kingfisher – Moonlight Ballad, AWM – Wavebreaker Kaze and M1014 – Enhanced Armo. Of all these players can claim only one reward. In addition to gun skins, Store 1 will feature free pets including Detective Panda, Ottero, Finn, and Agent Hop, only one of which is tradeable.

The Exchange Store 2 will start on October 14 and will offer bundles and emotes. Apart from these, many other rewards and events are waiting to kick off in the following days. Players can get their hands on the new Roaring Knight Pack for free through the Fight the Darkness event. Moreover, you can also win some Magic Cubes in the Magic Cube Challenge.

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