Land of Peace TV Show Explores Any Dog: K9 Kris


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Have you ever wondered what you can do with your best furry friend? K9 Kris, a show based in the Land of Peace that has proven popular among animal lovers.

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Over the past several months, Kristi King, Eagle Vision Productions, and Outsmartin Technology have created a nationally filmed show based in the Fairview area. The show can be viewed on Wild Television and RFD Canada. The show features Fairview local Kristi King on the road exploring all things doggy. From basic obedience to top-level sports, she visits many talented trainers, rescues and attends all kinds of fun dog activities and you can even see some of the classes she teaches and daily routines in. his own “Funny Farm”.

King has over 20 years of experience in dog behavior modification and training. Viewers can follow over 30 King’s animals, dogs, cats, horses, and even 2 pot-bellied pigs. Most of the animals on his farm are rescues.

With a successful Season 1 airing in December 2020 and the completion of filming for Season 2, they are working hard to film Season 3. Season 2 will premiere in June 2021.

King explained in an interview with the Fairview Post what filming the show looked like.

“The crew follow me as I go to different dog events and activities,” King said.

King added, “We did a couple episodes on personal protection, canine detection and a few different rescues where I helped modify behavior and train the adoptees that are currently available. We have had amazing trainers such as Marion Paulson (Disc Dog Trainer / Competitor, Lure and Certified French Ring Trainer Saul Garcia and many more. In seasons 2 and 3 you will see even more; International Law Enforcement Trainer Katrina Van der Linden, IGP coach Steve House are just a few of them.

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King further explained that they hope to inspire and educate people about the different activities that are possible with their dogs in the hope that fewer dogs will be abandoned for developing negative behaviors out of boredom. She also wants to show people the different rescues available and show that with just a little guidance, these adoptees have the potential to be amazing pets.

“I enjoyed seeing some of the animals during the rescues we were to be adopted, including a cute cat that was adopted by the Northern Lights Regional Humane Society by one of the K9 crew members Kris,” King said.

Asked what advice to give viewers curious about adopting a new dog, King replied, “I cannot stress enough the importance of researching the breed or breeds of dog you are potentially going to adopt. Be honest with you. Do not adopt based on the dog’s appearance. If you’re a very active family, this Border Collie crossbreed might be a match, but if not, you’re probably better off adopting a Mastiff. By matching your activity level to your new dog’s energy level, you will prepare yourself and the new dog for a much better chance of success. Unfortunately, people who choose a dog based on their appearance are one of the main reasons we have so many rescuing dogs.

King said, “I really hope people enjoy the show and maybe find a new activity that is stimulating and fun to do with their dog.

Wild TV and RFD Canada are available from most service providers.


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