Kyle MacLachlan stars as Carole Baskin’s husband in exotic Joe miniseries


Twin Peaks actor Kyle MacLachlan has joined the upcoming limited series Peacock Joe Exotic as the husband of big cat lover Carole Baskin.

Kyle MacLachlan has been selected to play Howard Baskin, the husband of fat cat lover Carole Baskin, in an upcoming limited series Peacock tentatively titled Exotic Joe. Joe “Exotic” Schriebvogel and Carole’s Story is Dark, Explored in Netflix’s Hit Docuseries in 2020 Tiger King: murder, chaos and madness. The big cat loving couple have a bitter feud entwined with tiger breeding programs, political aspirations, and even a murder conspiracy.

The upcoming series is based on a Wondery podcast also titled Exotic Joe that goes through the ins and outs of the quarrel. The role of Carole will be played by Saturday Night Live star Kate McKinnon and John Cameron Mitchell will play the eccentric role of Joe Exotic. Additionally, Nat Wolff, Brian Van Holt, Sam Keeley, Lex Mayson and William Fichtner have been selected to be part of the cast.

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Now the Exotic Joe the series has found the perfect fit to play Carole’s devoted third husband, according to Deadline. MacLachlan, best known for his role as Agent Dale Cooper in Twin peaks, will take on the role of Howard.

Howard is Carole’s third husband. In Netflix King Tiger, he stayed by Carole’s side in his efforts to exhibit Exotic and shut down his zoo. Her previous husband, Don Lewis, mysteriously disappeared in the late 90s. As part of Exotic’s feud with Baskind, he alleged that the Queen of the Tigers killed Lewis and gave him to the Tigers to inherit her wealth.

As well as supporting Carole, Howard is mostly remembered for his scandalous wedding photos and those of Carole, where he wears an animal print and is led by Carole on a leash like one of his dozens of tigers. MacLachlan appears to be an excellent choice to join the Exotic Joe casting, given her extensive television resume. And he has the unwavering ability to play as various quirky characters without breaking down, including the goofy mayor in Portlandia.

The Exotic Joe the series has released small details outside of casting choices, including its upcoming premiere date on Peacock. The series will be written and produced by Etan Frankel, and McKinnon will serve as executive producer. Given the popularity of the Netflix series and the limited Wondery podcast, viewers will likely be ready to tune in to another tale from the Exotic Joe history given its uniqueness and quirky moments. But Peacock will have big shoes to fill, considering King tiger was one of Netflix’s most popular series of 2020.

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