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After his remarkable supporting role in the years 2006 dominant dog, Justin Timberlake has carved out an unlikely film career for himself over the past two decades, most notably with his standout performances in David Fincherit is The social network and Joel and Ethan Coenit is Inside Llewyn Davisas well as leading roles in Friends with benefits, On time, bad teacher, runner runner, marvelous wheeland Palm, to name a few. But the pop star’s acting career has been limited in two ways: he failed to make his way into the ever more prestigious world of streaming drama, and he failed to star alongside his woman, Jessica Biel.

Well, today everything changes. As audiences were shocked to find out this morning, Timberlake has a surprise supporting role in Huluit is Candy, the week-long true-crime miniseries starring and produced by Biel. As Steve “Diffy” Deffibaugh, a sheriff’s deputy who investigates the brutal ax murder at the center of this true story, the musician-turned-actor plays a notable supporting role in the final two episodes – giving himself the chance to collaborate with his wife and enter the ever-crowded streaming era.

As Timberlake announced on instagram, the pop musician might be slightly unrecognizable at first due to his slight beer belly (which he says is fake), silly haircut (also fake, according to Timberlake) and handlebar mustache (all real ). But make no mistake, this is Timberlake. CandyThe fourth episode of is a bit coy with the musician/actor reveal, but as it works its way into the plot, Timberlake plays a leading role and, for our title character, an antagonistic role in the proceedings. While no stranger to drama, in many definitions of the word, Timberlake’s appearance on this high-profile show is a departure from his previous work. And one that could herald a new phase in his acting career – if he were to pursue it.


How to watch Candy: where to stream the limited series

Will we see more of Justin Timberlake, the character actor? Probably not. Likely, this role was a fun way for Timberlake to spend time with his main pressure and play a character that’s totally different from anyone he’s played on screen in the past. And while it takes some getting used to seeing Timberlake in such a disguised role, he does a reliable job. You can see a glint in his eye when he shares the screen with Biel – which isn’t always ideal when Biel plays a suspected ax murderer and Timberlake plays the grizzled deputy trying to bring her down, perhaps. But for fans of the couple, it’s sweet to see the celebrities working together for the first time.

Based on the true story of Candy Montgomery, a God-fearing housewife who finds herself in a violent altercation with her friend, Betty Gore, Hulu’s weeklong miniseries is certainly a stark and intense drama, and one that only occasionally flirts with Dark Humor. But Timberlake brings an affable charm to the game, and it looks like he’s having a lot of fun playing against type in such a serious new series.

Although Timberlake only acts periodically in relation to his music career, Candy won’t be the actor’s last streaming series. Indeed, the Grammy-winning musician is also attached to playing in AppleTV+the latest adaptation of Confessions of a Dangerous Spiritwhich will see Timberlake star as chuck barris. The actor previously starred in the aforementioned film Palmwhich also debuted on AppleTV+, in 2021. Suffice to say, like many actors working today, Timberlake is diving headfirst into the world of streaming content, and this new supporting role surprise in Hulu’s Candy is just the latest example.

The first four episodes of Candy are now available to stream on Hulu. The fifth and final episode will air on May 13, which is Friday the 13th, the tragic day Betty Gore was killed by Candy Montgomery. Check out an image of Timberlake and Biel on set below, via Timberlake’s Instagram:

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