John Cena slammed for using Ukraine crisis to promote TV show


LOS ANGELES — Wrestler-turned-actor John Cena has come under fire on social media, after posting a tweet that appeared to use the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine to promote his HBO Max TV show, Peacemaker.

Cena, 44, tweeted Thursday night (February 25) saying, “If I could somehow summon the powers of a real #Peacemaker, I think now would be the perfect time to do so. .”

His peacemaker persona has been portrayed as a vigilante determined to achieve peace at any cost.

Many users pointed to his use of the hashtag – a sponsored hashtag that loads a custom Peacemaker emoji when used on Twitter – as suspicious.

“Would have been nice without the hashtag,” one person said.

“I understand the sentiment, but using this moment to plug the show is kinda…bleh,” another user wrote.

Another comment was, “Why do you use a war to advertise a show?”

Others said Cena, who has 13.5 million Twitter followers, could have used his platform more productively.

“You don’t have the powers of peacemaker but you have the power of money and status. Please donate to help Ukraine or spread the link to donate,” a woman said. person.

Some have also pointed out that Cena’s words don’t make sense anyway, given that Peacemaker is a morally ambiguous character, having started out as a secondary antagonist in filmmaker James Gunn’s Suicide Squad (2021) before receiving his own. spin-off show on HBO Max – where he remains both chauvinistic and homidical.

“John, that’s in bad taste. Also, your character is the wrong guy,” one user said.

Cena did not directly respond to the backlash. But he tweeted on Saturday night: “Sometimes the most productive choice is to rest. Log off. Take some time.”

Last May, Cena caused another uproar on social media – albeit among fans in China – when he called Taiwan a “country”. He then apologized in Mandarin.

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