It’s green to go for Kate’s new TV show


The latest offering from Wye Valley TV presenter Kate Humble is a guide to living more sustainably at home – from growing your own food to attracting bees, from creating your own pond to setting up a planter or a barrel on a balcony.

Good Life, Green Life, which aired on Channel 5 this week, and is catching up on My5 sees Kate in her Tintern home and in the local neighborhood exploring how we can all live greener lives, starting in our own backyard. -court.

‘Escape to the Farm’ and ‘Country Life for Half the Price’ presenter, who also owns the Humble by Nature Farm and Rural Skills Center near Penallt, says doing your part to help save the planet may also increase. your own sense of well-being.

In her TV shows, Kate has put sustainability at the heart of everything she does on the farm and in her tiny home, and has found that instead of feeling like a chore or a sacrifice, it has given her life. joy.

And in this unique special, she shares some easy ways to make your life greener.

In the show, she meets several ecological wizards, including a pond expert, a woman who builds a pergola with willow cuttings, a bee expert and a forager who helps her concoct a recipe for honeysuckle, elderflower. and gin cocktails by the side of the road.

She can also be spotted swimming in the wild with outdoorsman Angela Jones in the Wye, near the old Monmouth Railroad Bridge.

Having moved from London to the Wye Valley in 2007 and established her working farm and rural skills center, she and her husband Ludo have adopted a greener lifestyle.

And Kate believes that everyone can do their part, no matter how small their garden or balcony is.

The show begins with small, achievable tasks at the start, such as using an old agricultural reservoir or sink to create a wildlife pond, before moving on to more ambitious projects like building the pergola in willow.

It also covers growing your own salad and other foods.

Kate has once said of her rural romance: “I wake up every morning feeling really lucky.”

To watch Good Life, Green Life online, go to My5.

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