Is Netflix’s Latest ‘Maid’ Miniseries a True Story? Here’s all you need to know


The Netflix Miniseries Housemaid releases October 1, and the series is already a talking point for fans. The show’s trailer, released two weeks ago, showed strong, realistic performances paired with a difficult subject matter. The success of the trailer has raised expectations for the series, and the highly anticipated series is finally coming out.

However, many fans are now questioning the story and wanting to know if it is inspired by actual incidents. Now that the series is finally out, it’s clear that it was adapted from the Stephanie Land movie. Housemaid: Hard work, low wages and a mother’s will to survive. The seven-part series is a gripping drama with strong emotions.

What is Netflix Housemaid film all about

Just like any other series announced by Netflix, Housemaid fans mostly wondered how this was going to turn out. The series is rated as a drama by the OTT platform. Margaret Qualley’s star show revolves around Alex, a young mother, who decides to leave an abusive relationship.

The series shines a light on Alex’s life as she turns around. Housemaid shows a series of obstacles encountered by Alex on his journey. With the character needing to find a job and manage her daughter, Mia takes the series forward. The journey of trials and self-discovery is nothing short of a surprising treat onscreen.

East Housemaid on Netflix a true story

What is more intriguing is the fact that Housemaid is based on a true story. The series features Stephanie Land’s 2019 hit memoir, Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay, and a Mother’s Will to Survive. The striker of the book had Barbara Ehrenreich called a window to “Stephanie’s world. Hopefully, you never have to find yourself in Stephanie’s world. In Maid, you’ll see that it is ruled by the shortage, “writes Ehrenreich.

Land slipped into poverty after leaving her abusive boyfriend, and her struggle to care for herself and raise a child with next to nothing is an inspiration to everyone. Explaining her life during hard times, the author wrote on her website that she was living off government aid to survive. “Subsidies for child care, food stamps, Medicaid, utility assistance and even gas coupons were absolutely essential and allowed my limited income to be used on rent. Because the rent always eats first. There were days in the month, before the food stamp money was replenished, when I would go to bed hungry or eat very little. After paying the bills, I often only had $ 20 left for the month. No matter how hard I worked, I never felt like it was enough. That I was enough. It was my witnessless existence, as I tweaked someone else’s to make theirs look perfect, “Land wrote.

Now a successful writer and happy mother, Land approves of her memoir becoming a series. Sharing her take on the show, Land took to her Instagram to say she felt relieved about the show’s release. “Throughout this whole process of putting my story in the hands of strangers, I had to force myself to believe they would do justice to experiences, to truly understand what it feels like to be insecure. food, work and housing, ”Land wrote.“ I continue to use the word relief lately. It’s not easy to anticipate the millions of people watching moments in your life that you wish your body would forget, but it was a huge relief to know that my story is in such good hands ”, a- she writes … Maid is now live on Netflix for viewing.

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