Is A Family Friend on Peacock a limited series?


A family friend arrives at Peacock in October. Will it be a limited series, or is there a chance we will have more seasons?

Colin Hanks and Anna Paquin are almost unrecognizable as Bob and Mary Ann Broberg in A family friend. This is a series that tells a true story. Bob and Mary Ann were plunged into fear and panic when their daughter Jan went missing aged 12.

She returned home, but she disappeared again at the age of 14. In both cases, his disappearance was linked to the Brobergs’ neighbor, who claimed to be friends with them.

The series arrives on Peacock on Thursday, October 6. Three episodes will drop at a time, but after that there will be one episode per week to tell the story. The question for many is whether this will end up getting a second season or not.

A Family Friend is a limited series

There’s actually no need to worry about this series ending. A family friend is presented as a limited series.

It makes sense when it comes to real events. It allows creators to expand the beginning, middle, and end, without finding a way to add filler content. There’s no need to find a way to drag things out to buy time for future seasons.

This is not a story that would work with filler. We need to see what happened to Jan and how her family handled her disappearances. It’s important to get to know the Broberg family and empathize with the parents as they search for their eldest daughter. Why didn’t they protect her more after the first disappearance? Since we already know how it all ends, it’s important to just tell the story in a way that entertains and informs viewers.

A family friend premieres on Peacock on Thursday, October 6.


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