IOST Launches 2nd Event In Year-Round NFT Event Series With Limited Edition ‘Genesis’ Badge


After the spectacular success of the 1st As part of the IOST 2020 one-year NFT event series, the IOST Foundation is now ready to launch the much anticipated 2sd event for its ecosystem. The project has spear his 3rd Limited Edition “Genesis” NFT Anniversary Badge.

IOST 3rd Anniversary Limited Edition Genesis Badge Launched

IOST fans around the world can now participate in the 2sd event in the project’s NFT event series. According to an official announcement, the IOST Foundation has launched its 3rd Limited edition NFT anniversary badge nicknamed Genesis.

The event starts from June 19, 2020 to June 28, 2020 and offers IOST fans the opportunity to collect 1,000 limited edition “Genesis” NFT badges.

Members of the IOST community can participate in the event in four easy steps.

– Like & Retweet publication of the event on Twitter

– Tag at least 3 friends

– Send one congratulatory message to IOST for its 3rd anniversary in the comment box, with at least 20 words & hashtag # IOST3rdAnniversary

– Fill in the form here.

NFT fundraising event to promote the use of NFT assets and commemorate the launch of the IOST mainnet

The aforementioned IOST “Genesis” Badge event is on 2sd event in the series of a total of 9 NFT events organized by the blockchain project. Each of these 9 events will unveil a separate Limited Edition IOST NFT badge that can be redeemed by event attendees.

As previously stated by BTCManager, the one-year NFT event IOST 2020 is the project initiative to promote the use of NFT assets among the general public. The event also aims to commemorate the launch of the highly decentralized and business-focused mainnet ecosystem.

Participants in the event can win a mystery box if they collect all 9 IOST NFT tokens. The Mystery Box consists of various exciting goodies from the IOST ecosystem, including IOST candy, merchandising, physical prizes, staking votes, and offline event tickets, among others.

In particular, the non-fungibility of the tokens ensures that each badge issued by the IOST is individually numbered and can only be used once, which makes the token all the more valuable.

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