Introducing Yotpo Tech Talk, a new series of quarterly events connecting e-commerce brands with Yotpo product experts


NEW YORK, November 10, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Yotpo, an ecommerce marketing platform, today hosted the first event in a new quarterly series, Yotpo Tech Talk, created to provide merchants with an open forum to participate and ask questions on versions, updates and announcements covered by Yotpo Product Experts. The introduction of this series of open forum events demonstrates Yotpo’s commitment to cohesive and transparent innovation that fuels high-impact marketing experiences for e-commerce brands.

“Bringing the latest innovations directly to our customers is our top priority,” says Rosa Hu, vice president of product marketing at Yotpo. “Our brands are actively involved in the innovation and growth of every product on the Yotpo e-commerce marketing platform, and we constantly listen and act on feedback. With Yotpo Tech Talks, we present this feedback loop browsing exciting and impactful versions, big and small, while giving attendees yet another opportunity to participate in product development. “

Today, the first Yotpo Tech Talk unveiled Yotpo’s new integration with Meta during a fireside chat between Pranjal Boghara, Product Marketing Manager, Commerce at Meta, and Erika Kwee, Product Marketing Manager, Avis at Yotpo.

Participants also learned about the latest product releases for Yotpo’s SMS marketing solution and loyalty and sponsorship solutions, and understood how these product updates will optimize their business operations by strengthening community advocacy, increasing retention and boosting engagement.

Today we announced:

Yotpo review

  • Yotpo Reviews Syndication for Stores on Facebook and Instagram

Yotpo is now an integration partner for the syndication of reviews on Facebook and Instagram stores. Meta is investing heavily in commerce and this deal is an exciting expansion of Yotpo’s long-standing partnership with Meta.

Syndicating Yotpo reviews to stores on Facebook and Instagram helps brands accelerate sales, boost immediate credibility, and increase the amount of reviews and products reviewed. Syndicated store reviews can also help minimize barriers to buying on Facebook and Instagram.

Being able to syndicate our Yotpo reviews directly to our Facebook store was easy to do and was extremely helpful in getting more reviews on our Facebook store quickly. As a skin care company, more social proof is essential. to improve the experience when customers browse our products, ”said Gianna De La Torre, co-founder of Wildling Beauty.

There are 1.2 million active Facebook stores and over 300 million people interacting with them every month. Creating a store on Facebook and Instagram is easy and free. Salespeople can take their businesses online and connect with customers where and when it suits them.

Yotpo’s integration with Meta strengthens their shared mission of empowering businesses to expand their reach and increase sales while giving consumers the information they need to make the right buying decision. Store sellers on Facebook and Instagram run the gamut from small businesses to large businesses, and they use a wide range of ecommerce platforms to fuel their shopping experiences. Yotpo plays a key role in improving the review and rating experience for many of these sellers.

This feature is currently available on request from stores on Instagram and Facebook in United States with payment enabled and using Yotpo Reviews.

Yotpo SMSBump

YotpoSMSBump’s new SMS templates are designed to empower brands with high performing message recommendations that generate revenue. Brands now have access to a built-in library of ready-to-use templates divided into high-intention categories, including message templates for holiday events, sales, product launches, and SMS-only offers. Brands have full customization capabilities to reflect their brand’s voice and tone in the messaging they choose to generate highly personalized experiences for customers.

This feature is currently available for Yotpo SMSBump customers.

  • SMS Marketing Campaign Planner

Yotpo’s new Campaign Planner displays major upcoming calendar events such as Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, Earth Day, or Valentine’s Day that merchants can capitalize on with SMS marketing messages . This one-stop-shop feature gives brands insight into key retail dates to maximize revenue during high engagement opportunities. Each event includes a pre-built campaign draft with customizable text copy and a recommended scheduling date and time for a fast and seamless campaign creation process.

  • SMS Marketing Performance Analysis

The new Subscriber Collection Analytics dashboard gives merchants an overview of SMS subscriber growth. Users can now drill down into the sources that attract the most subscribers and track growth by country. Merchants can also view the performance of each activated subscriber collection tool, making it easy to compare periods and make adjustments.

Additionally, new campaign and flow analytics dashboards give brands the ability to track critical message metrics in real time, including revenue, costs, click-through rate, conversion rate, and return on investment. Traders can monitor A / B test results to better understand performance and define winning strategies.

Merchants can also track SMS performance alongside other marketing channels with new revenue tracking metrics that reflect the logic used in their technology stack. Brands can configure attribution rules based on the appropriate time, duration, strategy and reporting efforts.

This feature is currently available for Yotpo SMSBump customers.

  • Subscriber profiles connected by SMS and e-mail

Yotpo recently announced a multi-year platform partnership with Shopify, providing more connected data between platforms. As a result of this partnership, Yotpo SMSBump now automatically syncs all new SMS and email subscribers directly to Shopify customer profiles, providing both phone numbers and emails in a single customer view, unlocking the real-time sync and orchestration with all supported email marketing platforms on Shopify. Additionally, merchants can automatically tag customers through Shopify Customer Tags. This robust integration with Shopify gives customers a better ability to create highly engaging and personalized experiences across all channels.

This feature is currently available to Yotpo SMSBump customers on Shopify.

Yotpo loyalty

  • Loyalty synergies with SMS marketing

New cross synergies between Yotpo SMSBump and Yotpo Loyalty now allow merchants to offer loyalty rewards to customers who sign up to receive SMS through Yotpo SMSBump. This action-based campaign prompts customers to sign up for SMS to receive loyalty benefits, enabling brands to maximize CLTV and increase adoption of loyalty programs through SMS marketing.

This feature is currently available to Yotpo SMSBump and Yotpo Loyalty customers.

About Yotpo
Yotpo is an ecommerce marketing platform that helps thousands of forward thinking brands like Steve madden, Brooklinen and Princess polly accelerate direct-to-consumer growth. Yotpo’s unique platform integrates advanced solutions for loyalty and referrals, SMS marketing, reviews and more to increase customer engagement, promote community advocacy and improve retention. Yotpo integrates with the tools used daily by online businesses, including Google and Instagram, and is available on most e-commerce platforms, including Shopify, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Adobe Commerce, and BigCommerce. Yotpo is a triple Forbes Cloud 100 companies with teams around the world including United States, UK, Israel, Bulgaria, and Australia. Yotpo is recruiting! Visit

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