Idaho public television show to examine fish runs, Simpson’s breaking proposal | North West


Idaho’s public television show “Outdoor Idaho” takes an in-depth look at the state’s endangered and rainbow salmon, as well as Rep. Mike Simpson’s controversial proposal to recover the iconic fish.

In an episode titled “Salmon Reckoning” which airs at 7pm tonight and again at 6pm Sunday, the program explores Simpson’s $ 33 billion concept of calling for breaking down the four lower dams of the Snake River and invest to mitigate affected communities and industries. Simpson unveiled the strategy last winter and has worked with tribal leaders, conservation organizations and others to attract the hard-to-find support from other congressmen from the Northwest.

“It’s definitely one of our most controversial shows of all time,” said Bruce Reichert, host and producer of “Outdoor Idaho”. “As we say on our show, the Idaho star will shine brighter if these fish can continue to return to central Idaho, as they have for thousands of years.”

The episode that kicks off the show’s 39th season features interviews with Simpson as well as several stakeholders, including retired game director Idaho Fish and Virgil Moore, Lewiston port director David Doeringsfeld, managers of power, tribal leaders and environmentalists.


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