Hulu shares new trailer for upcoming Mike Tyson limited series


As Hulu prepares to launch its series based on the iconic boxing star mike tyson next month, the company released a new trailer to give viewers a taste of the story.

In this trailer, we hear a monologue from the series’ titular star as he explains how people see him in the ring: as a savage. Continuing further, we get a glimpse of the events that will be covered that are unrelated to his sports career, including his childhood and many controversies.

The series Mike is based on the life of Mike Tyson and crafted by the team that created the hit movie Me Tonya. It appears to cover Tyson’s life inside and outside the ring as the boxer grew to fame as one of the sport’s most controversial figures.

Mike stars Trevante Rhodes in his lead role. Previously, Hulu released a clip showing the actor’s transformation to play Tyson on the show.

Recently, screenwriter Steven Rogers spoke about his time creating the show, saying the team achieved a similar effect to that of Me Tonyawhere a story that people consider familiar is presented in a way that provides additional insight.

The limited series will consist of eight episodes with the first landing on Hulu on August 25. Fans won’t have long before they can experience this highly anticipated series for themselves. In the meantime, you can watch the new trailer here.


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