How to watch Station Eleven, the new post-pandemic limited series



There is definitely no shortage of post-apocalyptic television these days. Hulu, Netflix, Amazon and other services have hours and hours of shows related to the end of the world and what comes after. Now fans of the genre have yet another reason to be excited about the first of Eleven station December 16.

Eleven station is a 10-episode limited series that takes place before, during, and after a global pandemic that ends civilization as we know it. Using multiple timelines, the story follows a multitude of characters as they struggle to survive, and then rebuild, in the wake of the deadly Georgian Flu.

The show is based on the award-winning 2014 novel of the same name by Emily St. John Mandel.

Can you watch Station Eleven on Hulu, Netflix, or Amazon?

The short answer is no “.

The sequence of titles for Eleven station Paramount Television Studios Productions mentions, so you can expect the show to be available on Paramount Plus, but it isn’t. You also can’t watch it on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu.

Station Eleven is an HBO Max original and is available exclusively on this service.

HBO Max ranks ahead of Hulu and many other streaming services in terms of subscriber count, so there’s a good chance you already have it. If so, you can dive right into the first three episodes of Eleven station, which was released on the 16th.

If you haven’t yet subscribed to HBO Max, this might be a good month to try it out. The service no longer offers a free trial, but you can sign up for a month for $ 9.99 if you don’t mind the ads. But you might be better off going with the $ 14.99 ad-free plan, which also includes early Warner Bros. movies. 2021 the day of the theatrical release.

One of the prime ministers of the day that you would have access to is The matrix: resurrections which will be available to stream from December 22.

And this one-month subscription will also allow you to watch the entire season of Eleven station. HBO Max doesn’t release all the episodes at once, so if you’re hoping to eat them up, you’ll have to wait a bit. But even with the weekly release schedule, it will still only take four weeks to watch them all.

The first three episodes are already available; they were released on Thursday, December 16. In the coming weeks, there will be two episodes released each of the next three Thursdays, so December 23, December 30, and January 6.

Then, the series finale in one episode will air on January 13.

Here’s the trailer to see if that whets your appetite. If you decide to give it a go, check back every week as we plan to post a quick recap and review after each series of episodes.

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