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MARVEL’s Daredevil arrived on Netflix in 2015 and since then many other shows featuring lesser-known superheroes in a shared universe have hit the streaming platform.

So what is the best order to watch the Marvel Netflix series?


Daredevil is one of the Marvel superheroesCredit: Netflix

1. Daredevil season 1

Posted: April 2015

The series follows Matt Murdock – played by Charlie Cox – who is a lawyer by day and a vigilante by night. He was blinded in a toxic accident that gave him superhuman senses to fight crime on the streets of Hell’s Kitchen in New York.

The series sees him take on the Russian Mafia, Japanese Yakuza, and Chinese Triads and he wears the Daredevil suit for the first time.

2. Jessica Jones season 1

Posted: November 2015

Next to watch is Jessica Jones, which focuses on the former superhero who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Jessica – who is played by Krysten Ritter – begins to rebuild her life when she opens her own detective agency to help people and quickly falls in love with Luke Cage (Mike Colter), who is an ex-con with a strong superhuman.

3. Daredevil season 2

Posted: March 2016

In the second series of Daredevil, Matt got used to his role as Daredevil.

We also see two new characters in this season – Frank Castle, aka The Punisher – played by Jon Bernthal – and Matt’s ex-girlfriend, Elektra, played by Élodie Yung.

4. Luke Cage season 1

Posted: September 2016

Next up is the first season of Luke Cage, which picks up a few months after Jessica Jones’ first season ended.

Luke is a bulletproof superhero who wants to live a quiet life, but is forced to fight crime to save the people he loves.

5. Iron Fist season 1

Posted: March 2017

Iron Fist centers on Danny Rand – played by Finn Jones – who is believed to have died aged 10 in a plane crash that killed his parents.

He returned to New York after 15 years after being raised by monks who taught him martial arts.

Now he has been chosen to defeat the evil organization known as The Hand.

6. Defenders

Posted: July 2017

The Defenders brings together all four Netflix Marvel superheroes for an Avengers-style crossover series.

They have come together to fight the organization featured in Iron Fist’s first season, The Hand.

7. The Punisher

Posted: November 2017

The next series focuses on Frank Castle, who appeared in the second season of Daredevil.

The former FBI agent had seen a lot of corruption, which led to his wife and children being shot. Frank then becomes The Punisher and sets off for revenge.

8. Jessica Jones season 2

Posted: March 2018

The second season of Jessica Jones follows her as she takes charge of a new case in New York.

The private investigator begins to rebuild his life after murdering his executioner, Kilgrave.

9. Luke Cage season 2

Posted: June 2018

The second season sees Luke rise to stardom in Harlem after having his name cleared.

He is then forced to confront the fine line that separates a hero from a villain as he faces a new threat.

10. Iron Fist season 2

Posted: September 2018

This season, Danny promised that with the departure of Matt Murdock, he would step in and protect his city.

But a sinister plot threatens his identity and he must fight to protect the town and the people he loves while struggling to find out who he is.

Typhoid Mary is the new villain of this season, played by Alice Eve.

She is able to transform from a regular civilian to a super powerful killer.

11. Daredevil season 3

Posted: October 2018

Daredevil season three continues the story of blind but gifted Matt Murdock technically presumed dead following the events of 2017’s The Defenders – but, of course, not really.

It follows Matt as he decides between hiding from the world or embracing his life as a vigilante hero.

12. The Punisher season 2

Posted: January 2019

The second season revolves around Frank Castle, who saved a girl from murder.

He has now fully embraced his mission, severed his ties with civilian life, and entered a full-time war on crime as The Punisher.

13. Jessica Jones season 3

Posted: June 2019

Jessica Jones’ third and final season follows her as she teams up with Trish Walker to defeat a highly intelligent psychopath.

However, their shared mission is cut short when a devastating loss reveals conflicting ideals that pit them against each other.


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