How many episodes does the drama mini-series Echoes have on Netflix?


Netflix has a new mystery thriller coming up, and these are always fun to watch! The limited drama series, echoeswill begin streaming on Friday, August 19.

The upcoming show stars Michelle Monaghan as twins Leni and Gina, Matt Bomer as Jack Beck, Daniel Sunjata as Charlie Davenport, Karen Robinson as Sheriff Floss, Jonathan Tucker as Dylan James and Ali Stroke as Claudia.

The series was created, written and produced by Vanessa Gazy. Showrunners Brian Yorkey and Quinton Peeples serve as executive producers alongside Imogen Banks.

When it comes to Netflix shows, the number of episodes the streamer typically orders varies. But usually eight to 10 episodes is the average per season. Will this be the case for the mystery thriller?

How many episodes does Echoes have on Netflix?

When echoes premieres, you can expect to see seven episodes added to the Netflix catalog. Considering the show is billed as a miniseries, that’s not really surprising.

The creative team, as well as the streaming service, will know how much story there is to tell. They’ll think about pacing and balancing the story to keep us viewers engaged. Although it’s a limited series, that doesn’t mean a possible second season wouldn’t happen. But now we jump ahead of ourselves. We will find out if the story will be completed in one season very soon!

According to Netflix, echoes introduces us to two identical twins, Leni and Gina, who both share a dangerous secret. Ever since they were children, the two have secretly swapped lives. This led them to live double lives as adults – sharing two homes, two husbands and one child. But everything in their “perfectly choreographed” world is turned upside down when one of the sisters goes missing.

echoes will begin streaming on Friday, August 19 on Netflix.


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