How many episodes does “Dopesick” have? The Hulu Show is a limited series


Anytime you find a show you love, it’s natural to hope for multiple seasons, extended episodes, and maybe even a movie. OK, the latter is probably a lot less common, but you got it. So when you hear the dreaded phrase “limited series” it can be like a punch in the stomach.

Unfortunately for fans of the Hulu drama Sick, it is in fact a limited series. So they’re going to have to make every episode count.

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But if you are already wondering how many episodes of Sick there is, you are probably not alone. Most limited series, or mini-series, however, do not last very long.

And while you’re lucky with an anthology, each season is rarely linked to the last. In other words, enjoy Sick while you can and carefully take each hour-long episode.

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How many episodes does “Dopesick” have?

Sick explores the real opioid epidemic in the United States. The show does its best to explain how the crisis started and how it affects different people at different times in their lives.

According to IMDb, Sick has eight episodes.

And because the show is based on a non-fiction book that also details the opioid crisis, there’s no real need for a second season of Sick. There are several ways that Sick could go on, but for now it looks like the story will end with Episode 8.

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Hulu’s release schedule for ‘Dopesick’ is similar to its other shows.

Hulu differs from streaming platforms like Netflix in the way it typically releases new TV shows. Instead of releasing all the episodes from a given season at the same time, Hulu is more into the slow burn.

And for some fans, it works best in terms of taking everything into account. Sick premieres October 13, 2021, with the first three episodes.

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After that, new episodes of Sick are published every Wednesday. Beth Macy, who wrote the book Dopesick: the dealers, the doctors and the drug company that got addicted to America, which inspired the TV show, related NPR that she hopes the show will educate more people about the opioid crisis.

With new episodes every week instead of all at once, viewers can pay more attention to each Sick Payment.

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When is the ‘Dopesick’ finale airing?

As long as Hulu doesn’t skip a week into releasing new ones Sick episodes, then Episode 8, which is the finale, is slated for release on November 17, 2021. All episode titles have yet to be released, but IMDb lists “Smoke Atb” as the title of the finale.

The first three episodes are titled “First Bottle”, “Breakthrough Pain” and “The 5th Vital Sign”, all of which chronicle the release, distribution and use of OxyContin in the United States.

To concern Sick Wednesdays on Hulu.


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