Hereford’s Burger Shop will appear on a BBC TV show


HEREFORD’S Burger Shop is on TV.

The Aubrey Street restaurant will appear on BBC2’s Britain’s Top Takeaways from Monday May 9 at 8pm.

It will also be available to watch online on the BBC iPlayer.

The restaurant, part of local hit band Rule of Tum, urged customers to watch the show to see chef/director Ruper Davison and co-founder Dorian Kirk “crush burgers!”.


Here at the Hereford Times, we’ve launched our own search for the best takeaways in Herefordshire and the Borders this year. That’s who won.

Britain’s best takeaways are featured by Sara Cox and Darren Harriot.

The show takes over a disused factory in Manchester and opens up what it describes as an “epic takeaway”.

The BBC says: “Each week, five of the nations award-winning, highly rated and innovative takeaways will compete in their own kitchens, cooking and delivering some of the best takeaways in the country.

“From the best chippies battling it out in a fish and chip fry, to a battle of burgers, noodles, pizza, Indian chicken, fried, kebabs…there’s even a Mexican showdown.

“Judging the food and deciding who wins will be a host of takeout-loving families eating, evaluating and rating the food from the comfort of their homes.”

The show’s judges are the Williams family, consisting of mom Linda, dad Chris and son Damon and stepdaughter Kathryn; married couple Royston and Nick, who are hairstylists to the stars; Manchester takeaway bloggers and beloved couple Leah and Liam; retired vegetarians Keith and Linda; and the Spencer family, made up of mom Anya, dad Vivian and their five children, Elias, Joshua and twins Ella and Eden.


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