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Felisha Legette makes history at the University of Buffalo!

Six seasons. 119 wins. 76 losses. 5 consecutive winning seasons. 2 mid-American conference championships. 2 appearances in the NCAA. 1 participation in the national tournament by invitation. A Sweet 16 appearance. Named one of Western New York’s 100 Most Powerful Women. Mother of George Washington University student-athlete David Maceo Jack. Wife of David Jack. Former Syracuse women’s basketball star.

To really put head coach Felisha Legette-Jack’s accomplishments into perspective, you need to consider the state of the women’s program prior to her arrival. The Bulls were 9-22 this season before Legette-Jack started coaching at Buffalo. The program has only had one playoff appearance in school history and was consistently low in the standings and conference expectations.

Coach Legette-Jack has managed to infuse her blue collar, no excuse attitude into the program and has been very successful welcoming the right staff and student-athletes to match the way she approaches basketball, academics and life. A major reflection of this sentiment is the cumulative surrogacy of its teams. Coach Legette-Jack’s women’s team posted 9 consecutive semesters of a team GPA of 3.0 or higher. She also managed to coach at least one player from her team over the 6 seasons to an All-Conference honor.

To say that the University of Buffalo women’s team’s trip to the NCAA Sweet 16 women’s basketball tournaments was a Cinderella story is an insult. Coach Legette-Jack led the charge with a consistent, disciplined and focused approach that would deliver results at all levels. For the first time in the school’s history in both the men’s and women’s programs, the women’s team received a blanket offer as the 11th seed for the NCAA tournament after falling to their conference rival Central Michigan in the Mid-American Conference Championship game. The team traveled to Tallahassee, Florida where they played the no. 6 seeded South Florida and led in a decisive 102-79 win for the NCAA women’s program’s first win in the NCAA tournament.

The Bulls shined in another definitive victory over the no. Seed 3, Florida State, which earned them the program’s second victory in the NCAA tournament and a trip to the Sweet Sixteen, something never before done between the men’s and women’s programs. There they would lose to no. 2 seeds from South Carolina in a

At The Point Columnist / Greg Gamble

courageous, but not without winning the spirit and support of all of western New York.

As a community, let’s take this opportunity to celebrate Head Coach Felisha Legette-Jack for her monumental accomplishments both as an exemplary example of what it means to be a professional through responsibility and high standards, but also as a African American woman representing more than just our community. She represents the attitude of excellence, courage, perseverance and magic that women of color around the world exude, but for which they are underestimated and unrecognized. Felisha Legette-Jack, we salute you on your excellent tenure at the University of Buffalo and wish you much more success!


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