HBO’s The Last of Us TV Show Gets Its First Trailer


It’s been a long year since HBO gave us our first teaser image for its adaptation of Naughty Dogs Last of Us. With the show releasing next year, it’s time to show the event.

Cue the official trailer that HBO has now released. There’s about a minute and a half left before the games. We often see signs of an iconography, including early news reports of the cordyceps virus and the red Firefly logo. I also hear and see a clicker, the terrifying end of the man infected with scars. Those who have played the games know that its protagonist Ellie (played here by Game of Thrones – Bella Ramsey) is immune to such a disease. It’s that it leads to my other protagonist Joel (Pedro Pascal from The Mandalorian and Narcos) dying to watch it. In the trailer, Anna Torv and Frankenstein (Fringe) as Tess and Nick Offerman (Parks and Recreation) as Bill, and shots that mirror the game’s moments, from city streets to snow-capped mountains.

The trailer includes two other names: Craig Mazin and Neill Druckmann, both directors of The Last of Us and Chernobyl. The duo developed this adaptation, and Druckmann directed a handful of episodes. The show is expected to closely follow the events of the game, although it has been confirmed that it will also feature story moments that weren’t present until later.

The Last of Us will air on HBO in 2023. We are unable to date exactly now. For a while, it was thought that the Last of Us remake, dubbed The Last of Us Part 1, would play a big role in the series. However, the release date of the first part has passed in early September. For now, returning players and newcomers alike can play the game without understanding what the adaptation will look like.


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