HBO Releases Character Biographies For ‘We Own This Town’ Limited Series To Air April 25


HBO releases character biographies for limited series

As previously confirmed on Twitter by show creator David Simon (The Deuce, The Wire), HBO’s True Crime limited series, We own this town, will premiere on Monday, April 25. The new series chronicles the high-octane implosion of the Baltimore Police Department’s corrupt gun-tracing task force. With Jon Bernthal (The Unforgivable), Josh Charles (The Good Wife), and Jamie Hector (Bosch), the series announced the full character biography on Tuesday as part of the network’s TCA press panel.

Bernthal, Charles and Hector will play three of the main police officers at the center of the story. Bernthal is the sergeant. Wayne Jenkins, the GTTF’s narrative lead. Charles will play Daniel Hersl, an officer with a long history of citizen complaints of brutality, who ends up on the GTTF after being banned from policing in the Eastern District. And Hector is homicide detective Sean M. Suiter who gets caught up in the task force scheme.

Lovecraft Country Wunmi Mosaku is Nicole Steele, a civil rights attorney who stumbles upon the GTTF investigation as she seeks to reform the current operations of the Baltimore Police Department. His work focuses on the systemic structures that allow officer corruption to go unchecked by the litany of Baltimore judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement.

Known for his work in The passage and Mercy Street, Mckinley Belcher III plays 11-year BPD veteran Momodu “G Money” Gondo. Among his crimes of theft and overtime fraud, Gondo moonlighted as an informant for a drug dealer named Antonio “Brill” Shropshire. Shropshire operated an elite heroin ring.

Darrell Britt-Gibson (Fear Street, part one: 1994) is Jemell Rayam, a GTTF officer whose brazen offenses included racketeering, extortion, unlawful detention and three shootings including one resulting in death. Rayam was a frequent target of Internal Affairs for his abuse of power but never received much punishment.

Don Harvey (die hard 2) and Dagmara Domincyzk (Succession) will play John Sieracki and Erika Jensen respectively. The two officers led the federal investigation into GTFF. Harvey was a second-generation city cop assigned to the Public Corruption Task Force. Jensen, originally from New York, joined the FBI after the events of 9/11.

Rob Brown (Looking for Forrester) is Maurice Ward, a civilian member of the GTTF involved in several illegal activities. However, his moral compass compelled him to question the corrupt activities of the force, even allowing him to have the coveted bounty of their crimes. Ward was quick to cooperate with prosecutors once the investigation revealed charges against the unit.

David Corenswet (Hollywood) and Larry Mitchell (Paterno) will play veteran investigators, David McDougall and Scott Kilpatrick, respectively. The two drug task force officers began investigating the abnormal number of drug overdoses occurring in their respective counties, which sparked the GTTF investigation.

Justice Department lawyer Ahmed Jackson will be played by Ian Duff (The Republic of Sarah). Tired of criminal prosecution, Jackson joined the Civil Rights Bureau and was assigned to Steele’s team in its investigation of systemic policing issues in Baltimore.

Delane Williams (Red) is Kevin Davis, the police commissioner hired after the death of Freddie Gray at the hands of the Baltimore police. Following the town’s eruption at Gray’s murder, Davis finds himself caught between duty and loyalty as politics and the “blue line” prevent him from reforming the BPD.

Finally, Lucas Van Engen (city ​​on a hill) was chosen as US Attorney Leo Wise, the lead prosecutor in the case against the GTTF.

In addition to this main cast, the series has guest stars Treat Williams (Everwood), Rue Thaddee (The devil), Suzanne Roma (My one and only), Kim Tuvin (card castle), Chris Clanton (LUV), Anwan Glover (12 years of slavery), Bobby Brown Gabrielle Carteris (raising up Cain), Chaney Tray (We need to talk), Dominique Lombardozzi (Family), Nathan E. Corbett (Half Nelson), Michael Salconi (Thread), and Maria Balai (Really love).

According to journalist Justin Fenton’s book, We Own This Town: A True Story of Crime, Cops and Corruption, the series is created and produced by Simon and George Pelecanos (The pacific), with fellow executive producer Reinaldo Marcus Green (King Richard) direction.

The six-episode series will be available on HBO and HBO Max.



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