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(YourDigitalWall Editorial): — New York, New York, March 10, 2022 (Issuewire.com) — Are you taller than Harry Houdini?

Almost 100 years after the death of magician Harry Houdini, most people still consider him the greatest magician and escape artist of all time. Just as people think there will never be a rock band bigger than the Beatles, most also think there will never be anyone bigger than Houdini.

Producer Jerry Stiller believes there are those who will try to beat Houdini in his own craft and become better than Houdini.

Stiller has put together a team that includes the world’s foremost expert on Houdini, magic and escapism, Mr. Herbert Becker. Becker, you may recall, went against the grain of magic by exposing how magicians do their tricks by pulling back the curtain and revealing all the magicians’ secrets.

The new program will invite candidates to escape the various constraints that made Houdini famous. Competitors are chosen from all professions including daredevils, acrobats, magicians and ordinary people who will be challenged to escape straitjackets, chains, handcuffs, prisons and prisons. Houdini’s most famous escape, the Chinese water torture cell.

The setting of the television program is an abandoned prison that once housed murderers on death row.

Each week, competitors will pit their skills against the greatest strains known to man and those who succeed will move on the following week, with the death-defying strains getting harder each week.

According to Stiller, a network has yet to be chosen, although networks such as NBC, Netflix and Showtime are just a few of the broadcasters that would be suitable for this show.

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