Greg Pak returns to Sakaar for PLANET HULK: WORLDBREAKER miniseries


In 2006, the writer Greg Pack embarks on his epic Planet Hulk storyline that not only spawned a direct-to-video animated film, but inspired many story elements for Thor: Ragnarok. Marvel today announcement that this November Pak returns to where it all began on the planet Sakaar for Planet Hulk: Worldbreaker, a five-issue miniseries set a thousand years in the future. Join Pak is an artist Manuel Garcia fresh out of the drawing Devil’s Reign series as well as the inker Cam Smith and colorist Chris Sotomayor.

Check out the official press release below along with the cover drawn by the original artist of Planet Hulk Carlo Pagulayan.

In 2006, writer Greg Pak with artists Carlo Pagulayan and Aaron Lopresti crafted PLANET HULK, one of the most iconic stories to ever grace the pages of The Incredible Hulk, and in November, Pak will return to this story in PLANET HULK: WORLDBREAKER! This five-issue limited series will be set a thousand years in the future and present a shocking expansion and climax to the Sakaar mythos. Pak will be joined by visionary Devil’s Reign the artist Manuel Garcia.

Considered a modern Marvel masterpiece, PLANET HULK told the gripping story of the Hulk’s time on the alien planet Sakaar after being exiled from Earth by the Illuminati. The epic story arc had a defining impact on the Hulk that is still felt today and has continued to inspire spin-offs and media adaptations. Now the saga continues…

A thousand years from now on the planet Sakaar, a green-skinned young woman searches for the legendary Green Scar to help save her brother from a group of doomsday cultists. But which Hulk will she find? And after all these years, is he really the Sakaarson, who will save us all – or the Worldbreaker, who will destroy us?

“Working on Planet Hulk remains one of the greatest storytelling experiences I’ve ever had,” Pak said. “So it was a huge thrill to get the call from the editor Marc Paniccia inviting me to dive back in. What makes this story so special is that we return to Sakaar a thousand years in the future. This opened doors for some spectacular world-building with stunning art from Manuel Garcia, Cam Smith, and Chris Sotomayor. And we explore big, emotional stories that bring back the huge Hulk and Green Scar themes that I’ve built over many years through all of my Hulk stories. In times of change and crisis, what do we do with the power we have and how do we deal with the terrifying repercussions? In a thousand years, who knows where these questions will lead us? »

Look for Planet Hulk: Worldbreaker to arrive in stores on Wednesday, November 30, 2022.


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