Giriraj Kabra to play Devdoot in latest ‘Yeshu’ TV show


Yeshu is a new fictional Hindi show on & TV that has left viewers in awe of its quality content and performance. Actor Giriraj Kabra recently made an entry into the series as a character named Devdoot, who is an angel who will help those in need and bring some clarity among the lost. The actor is thrilled to play the role because it is unique and interesting in every way. He was also excited about Devdoot’s appearance, which is unique, fitting the character’s sketch.

Giriraj Kabra as Devdoot in Yeshu

The show Yeshu has been talking about him since the first teaser published on the Internet, a few days ago. The plot of this new show will revolve around a loving young child who wishes only the best for the people around him. This baby was born amidst many hardships, but his love and compassion is above any negative entity around him. This child also does everything possible to keep people happy and out of distress, even if it means being hurt and ridiculed by society. Even with such atrocities, he follows the right path and tries to keep everyone happy and satisfied without worrying about the repercussions. This new show also explores the mother-son relationship, its strength and purity.

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In this new show, Giriraj Kabra can be seen playing the role of a pure angel named Devdoot who will help those in distress. Speaking of the role and the opportunity, Giriraj said playing the role of Devdoot was almost surreal for him, as it encompasses the character of an angel of the purest form. The character is very intriguing and exciting and is unlike anything he has played before. Devdoot guides those in doubt and brings clarity in times of uncertainty, according to the beloved TV actor. He will also be seen as a messenger who is chosen to accomplish important tasks. Besides the character, Giriraj Kabra is also delighted with the look and costume of Devdoot. The actor also added at the end that he was looking forward to the wonderful experience that awaits us in the series.

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Image courtesy: Giriraj Kabra Instagram / Contributed by PR Handout

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