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Jaime Brenkus tested his fitness leadership skills early on while doing Swedish gymnastics for legendary St. John High School baseball coach Bill Schmidt in 1979.

Brenkus said he was senior when Urban Meyer, now head coach of the Jacksonville Jaquars, was a freshman shortstop ready to take his job after graduation. Decades later, Brenkus is still using those skills on a 13-week fitness show for the Publlc broadcast system.

Brenkus took this experience and used it, so to speak, working in the field of exercise physiology and television for many years.

“I did the eight-minute sit-ups in the ’90s,” he said.

The TV show was filmed in northeastern Ohio and Florida and began airing on PBS on October 28, Brenkus said. He said the show is picked up on stations across the country.

“It’s a spectacle for baby boomers to stay in shape,” he said.

Brenkus helped make exercise videos popular in the 1990s and has been active in the fitness community for almost 30 years. He said he also wrote a book on fitness guru Jack LaLanne with the help of his wife Elaine.

Brenkus said he is now focusing on baby boomers. He said the fitness show focuses on food, fitness, and fun.

“I won’t let age control me. I will control the way I am, ”he said.

After earning a degree in mass communication and broadcasting, Brenkus traveled to Los Angeles where he started a fitness business. He said he has helped millions of people stay or get fit with his job.

Brenkus said it’s important for baby boomers to start small and feel good. He said the “light bulb” lights up and people take fitness to the next level.

“You get up, you refuel and you live it,” he said.

Brenkus has also created an app called Fit n Delicious which offers 100 videos available on demand.


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