FRIENDS: The most popular TV show on the planet has taught us some valuable lessons! (TV)

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Friends has become one of the best-known TV series of all time. The program, which followed six young people living in central New York City as they struggled to understand life and love, became a kind of standard bearer for an entire generation and served as a model for several subsequent shows that have borrowed heavily from the premise. Although this is primarily a comedy series, the popularity of the series stems from its emotional essence, as well as the many heartbreaking moments we’ve witnessed over the years. Here are some of the most important life lessons we learned from these experiences.

1) Your past does not define who you are today.

Ross was recently divorced when we first met him at the start of the series. Rachel had moved away from her residence on the way to her wedding. All of the other characters, such as Phoebe’s traumatic history and Chandler’s troubled relationship with her parents, were grappling with baggage of some sort. While they’ve had to deal with a lot in the past, the six main characters were able to carve out a different start for themselves and experience happiness, as well as a sense of being complete and at peace with terrible memories.

2) Compromise is part of love.

The characters in the show have tried to find love without compromising their beliefs on numerous occasions, such as when Richard refused to have children but tried to marry Monica anyway, or when Ross and Rachel disapproved of each other. whether or not they were on hiatus, or when Emily refused to let Ross talk to Rachel after their wedding while in New York. These connections did not last. When characters were willing to compromise for love, like when Chandler overcame his fear of intimacy to marry Monica, it ended in some of the most passionate and fulfilling relationships on the show.

3) Life is not a game of waiting.

One of the main themes of the show was the importance of seizing opportunities as they arise. Ross waited far too long to speak with Rachel, and she was eventually taken away by Paolo. Richard lost Monica because he didn’t want to have children, and when he realized that he still wanted her even if it meant having children, it was too late; it had passed to Chandler. Many times the characters fail to recognize a chance that was right in front of them, and by the time they learned what they had missed, the opportunity had slipped away, leaving them with regret.

4) Money is not the most important motivator

Joey has received a lot of money from Chandler over the years. Joey never really compensated him for it. When the time came, Joey was happy to lend Chandler a substantial sum to help cover his expenses, in addition to having already given Monica an equally substantial sum without telling Chandler. The friendship between them was far too strong to be compromised by the question of who owed whom how much money. Despite jobs with vastly different pay scales, the Six have remained strong and connected over the years, equally sharing their pleasures and sorrows.

5) Treat everyone with kindness and fairness.

Due to the pleasant character of all of the main characters, Friends is often accused of being boring. Regardless of their flaws and issues, any of the main characters would drop everything to help each other, but also for anyone who needed it. Faced with a difficult decision, the characters repeatedly choose the right path, such as when Chandler let Janice go, so that she can try to work things out with her ex-husband for the sake of her child. Or when Rachel agreed to stop seeing Ross to comply with Emily’s request. It’s the inherent cuteness of the characters when faced with difficult situations that has made the cast the ideal friends of so many people.

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