‘Fans think they are props of expensive TV show’ – Leeds United Supporters Trust criticizes Premier League for matches


During the Wednesday September 29 meeting between the Premier League and the Football Supporters Association [FSA]Premier League chief executive Richard Masters apologized for a delay in the November broadcast selections which was due to a police and logistical issue linked to a major event. He added that the Premier League was working to ensure that the target date for the games during the holiday season was met.

The FSA requested a seven week deadline for match changes, while Masters pledged to improve communications when a delay was known to be possible. According to the minutes, he did not want to “make too many promises” about the potential for a broader reform of the selection process, but pledged to address the issue with the broadcasting director.

The need for public transport for away fans attending matches was raised with Masters by the FSA, who stressed that Leeds and Newcastle fans would face long journeys from Brighton in November without public transport available.

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The broadcast selections for the holiday season were finally confirmed on Monday afternoon, a week later than promised. When they were finally confirmed on October 19, they arranged a total of seven changes for Leeds United games. Crystal Palace’s visit to Elland Road remains on Tuesday, November 30 but will now start half an hour later at 8:15 p.m., while the Whites’ game at Manchester City moved from Wednesday, December 15 to Tuesday, December 14 at 8 p.m. kick off in order to be screened by BT Sport.

The number of changes and the delay in the Premier League announcement drew the wrath of LUST.

“It is extremely frustrating but not surprising to see seven of our devices relocated during the busy holiday season,” Trust secretary Adam Willerton told the Yorkshire Evening Post.

“It is also frustrating to see the Premier League repeatedly miss their self-imposed goals for announcing these game changes.

BROADCAST CHANGES – Leeds United experienced seven match changes from late November to early January due to broadcast selections. Photo: Getty

“The end of the year is a notoriously difficult time for broadcasters and the Premier League to agree on schedule changes, but with little to no communication when deadlines are missed, coupled with excessive and inconvenient changes,” it’s easy to see why fans think they are just props in a very expensive TV show.

The Premier League website lists the dates they hope to announce match changes, but note that the dates are approximate and subject to change.

A statement on the website reads: “Matches are changed throughout the season for several reasons, including live TV broadcast selections and to host national and European cup competitions.

“For this reason, Premier League matches are always advertised as subject to change.”


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