Extremely Rich Person Hosts Live TV Show


Have you ever dreamed of seeing Elon Musk, the Tesla-designed, space-chasing crypto booster, impersonate a lover Icelandic talk show producer? Me neither, but there was Musk, at the end of the week, on “Saturday Night Live,” spinning through sketches and wigs as the show’s guest host – another surreal event, maybe not. as surreal as a dog-joke-based mega-billion currency system, to remind us that our world is a bit on the side, and maybe, as Musk cracked it in his opening monologue, “a video game… and we are all just computer simulations played by a teenager on another planet”.

Can a tech billionaire be funny? It was never a prerequisite for the job, but Musk seemed ready to give it a try, stepping over the iconic Studio 8H stage in a black double-breasted suit that looked borrowed from the Armani Mars rack. He proudly declared that he was the first person to host “Saturday Night Live” with Asperger’s syndrome – “or at least the first to admit it” – and leaned into jokes about his social awkwardness and his unpredictable explosions on Twitter. (“We’re going through this right now, which means I could say something really shocking… Like I’m driving a Prius.”) Which reminded the world of the $ 500 that 12-year-old Elon had won once for making a video game, and expressed excitement about what her son would give her for Mother’s Day.


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