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Quentin Tarantino wrote and directed the film The Hateful Eight, an American Revisionist western movie. He also narrated the film. The film revolves around eight foreigners seeking refuge from a post-Civil War blizzard.

The Weinstein company distributed the movie The Hateful Eight.

Richard N. Gladstein, Stacey Sher, and Shannon McIntosh had produced the film under the production houses Shiny fenny and FilmColony.

Robert richardson was nominated for the Oscar as best director of photography for the film The Hateful Eight.

Before spreading widely in theaters on December 30, 2015, the film was released on December 25, 2015, in a limited Roadshow.

The film was reprogrammed and re-released as a four-episode miniseries, released on Netflix entitled The Hateful Eight: Extended Version. The extended version contained new shots and scenes and had no intermission. It has a total of four episodes of approximately 50 minutes.

What is the plot of The Hateful Eight: Long Version?

The expanded version of the film includes new shots and scenes to make the film more relevant.

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The film takes audiences to 1887 after the Civil War, bounty hunter and American Civil War veteran Major Marquis Warren moves to Red Rock, Wyoming. Along the way, he takes an elevator in a stagecoach driven by OB; He meets John Ruth ‘The Hanged Man’ in handcuffs to execute Daisy Domergue.

Ruth takes Daisy to Red Rock to hang her. Ruth and Warren have previously moved past Abraham Lincoln’s Warren Letter. Some time later, Ruth finds Lost-Causer Chris Mannix on the road. Ruth suspects Mannix and Warren of working together to collect her bounty.

The stagecoach members were trapped by the Minnie’slodge blizzard, led by Senor Bob. Red Rock’s new hangman Oswaldo Mobray, cowboy Joe Gage and Sanford Smithers are the other tenants who live with them in the lodge.

Now the suspense and the thrill starts from here in the movie. As the story unfolds, new twists come along that make the movie more of a thriller.

release date ; When did The Hateful Eight: Extended Version miniseries appear for audiences?

The Hateful Eight: Extended Version

In 2019, the streaming service Netflix has decided to release the long version of the Tarantino film The Hateful Eight.

Netflix had made some changes to the extended version compared to the Roadshow version. The extended version includes several new shots and scenes.

Netflix expanded the film into a four-episode miniseries called The Hateful Eight: Extended Version to April 25, 2019.

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What are the names of the actors and actresses involved in the film The Hateful Eight?

The actors and actresses who are part of the film are as follows:

  • Samuel L. Jackson plays the role of Major Marquis Warren.
  • Kurt russel plays the role of John ‘The Hangman’ Ruth.
  • Jennifer jason leigh plays the role of Daisy Domergue. She was nominated for the Oscar for his role in the film.
  • Walton goggins plays the role of Chris Mannix.
  • Demián Bichir plays the role of Marco ‘The Mexican’ / Senor Bob.
  • Tim roth plays the character of ‘English’ Pete Hicox / Oswaldo Mobray.
  • Michael madsen plays the role of ‘Grouch’ Douglass / Joe Gage.
  • Bruce Dern plays the character of General Sanford ‘Sandy’ Smithers.
  • James Parks play the role of OB
  • Channing tatum plays the role of Jody Domergue.
  • Dana Gourrier plays the role of Minnie Mink.
  • Lee horsley plays the role of Ed.

What are the ratings for The Hateful Eight: Long Version?

The film garners good reviews from critics, but it also sparks controversy for the violent treatment of Leigh’s character.

The movie haits got 74% on average Tomatometer. The average

audience score is 76% on Rotten tomatoes.

The Hateful Eight has a good rating 7.8 out of 10 on IMDb.

The film has a scored 4 out of 5 stars on Commonsnsemedia.

Where can we watch the Hateful Eight: Extended Version?

The Hateful Eight movie and its expanded version are only available on Netflix. We’ll let you know when it’s available on other platforms.

If you want to watch for free, you can stream it on 123 Movies, Fmovies. You can also just download it from the torrent for ad-free experience.


If you like to watch detective and detective movies full of entertainment, you can watch this movie and its extended version.

In the extended version, you will see more violent scenes. The film received good reviews from critics and audiences alike. The film is controversial for Leigh’s character as Daisy.

The film has two Oscar nominations for Best Cinematography and Best Supporting Actor.

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In the meantime, enjoy the movie.


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