Exclusive: Marvel Launches ‘Deadly Neighborhood Spider-Man’ Miniseries


This year marks the 60th anniversary of Spider-Man’s debut on the pages of Marvel Comics, and the webslinger is going to be busy as the publisher celebrates this milestone. A successful new creative team supports a amazing spider man relaunch, the Peter Ben Reilly clone is in the midst of brand new adventures, Spiderman 2099 is back, and of course brand new titles are on the way to celebrate Spider-Man’s continued versatility as a character.

Today SYFY WIRE can exclusively reveal one of Marvel’s new Spidey Adventures is Deady Neighborhood Spider-Mana “dark, groundbreaking take on the character” from the writing staff of Taboo (of Black Eyed Peas fame) and B. Earl, with art by Juan Ferreyra and covers by Rahzzah, Peach Momoko, Josemaria Casanovas and Rafael Albuquerque.

Launching later this year, the five-issue miniseries will take Peter Parker from his usual New York stomping ground to Los Angeles, where he’ll find the City of Angels doesn’t look very angelic. Demons roam the streets, especially the legendary entity known as the Demon Bear, and the darkness he finds on the West Coast is about to test Peter in ways he hasn’t. never encountered before.

“Being the first Indigenous writer to co-write this new Spider-Man comic with my brother B. Earl is a big step in opening more doors for underrepresented talent to shape universally known comic book characters” , Taboo said in a statement. A lifelong fan of everything Spider-Man, this is a childhood dream come true. To go from collecting toys to writing our own Spidey story that brings our hero to my birthplace, Los Angeles, California – Pasadena to be exact – we are humbled and grateful. I see all the opportunities our Marvel family has given us as writers and I truly appreciate their continued trust and support. We turned their confidence into fuel that ignited our creativity to write a fun and exciting read for all of our amazing Marvel Heads!

Earl, who co-wrote Marvel’s latest incarnation night werewolf alongside Taboo, also highlighted the elements of Native history they incorporate into the story, as well as their efforts to give Spider-Man a little California flavor.

“I’m not going to lie, going up against Spider-Man is both scary and invigorating,” Earl said. “Taboo and I have been on an incredible journey with our Marvel family, from creating an all-new night werewolf series to launch a solo story for Kushala: Spirit Rider. Being entrusted with Marvel’s most iconic superhero, Spider-Man, is an honor for this kid from Jersey who went to bed imagining he was swinging through the streets of Manhattan, saving the city. When Taboo and I discovered we had the green light for a new Peter Parker adventure, we began to seriously weave a story that would build on our strengths of leveraging Indigenous storytelling while balancing the intersection of pop-culture. Since we’re both in Los Angeles, we decided to take Spidey to sunny California…but tell a dark horror fantasy story that will eventually turn our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man DEAD!”

Below, you can check out an exclusive first look at four covers for the first issue of the series, including two previews of this book’s Demon Bear release.

“I’m so thrilled that Marvel called me on again to work on Deadly Quarter Spider-Man together with Taboo and B. Earl, I hope we can give our readers a spooky and terrifying spider tale,” Ferreyra said. “After making Black Spider-Man and also [Spine-Tingling Spider-Man]editor Nick Lowe told me what he wanted me to do next and I couldn’t say no to the chance to once again flex my horror sensibilities, but this time on a regular print limited run , I can’t wait to draw cool double spreads with all the action and thrills a Spider-Man comic deserves, especially in the year of Peter’s 60th birthday!

Deadly Quarter Spider-Man launches June 1 at comic book stores everywhere.


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