Events News | ‘AD The Bible Continues’ Becomes America’s First TV Show After First Week On Air [VIDEO]


‘AD The Bible Continues’ was named the NO. 1 TV show with over 9.5 million viewers after just its first week and # 1 trend on Twitter.

AD The Bible Continues aired on Easter Sunday on NBC and social media lit up with positive comments and reviews for Episode 1 of the 12-episode series. Given the massive response from viewers, the series was named NO.1 on TV and to make matters better, its powerful message reaches millions of people.

“AD The Bible Continues” picks up where the hit miniseries “The Bible” left off, continuing the greatest story ever told and exploring the exciting and inspiring events that followed Christ’s crucifixion.

The immediate aftermath of Christ’s death had a tremendous impact on his followers, his mother Mary, and the major political and religious leaders of the time, completely changing the whole world in an instant. ‘AD The Bible Continues’ will focus on the disciples who had to move forward and spread the teachings of Christ in a world dominated by political turmoil and the start of a whole new religion that would radically reshape the history of Christ. world.

The series was produced by husband and wife duo Roma Downey (“The Bible”) and Mark Burnett (“The Bible”, “The Voice”).


Critically acclaimed Argentine actor Juan Pablo di Pace plays Jesus. Di Pace leads an accomplished cast from over 10 different nations including John – Babou Ceesay (Gambia); Marie-Madeleine – Chipo Chung (Zimbabwe); James – Denver Isaac (Zimbabwe); Arik – Nicholas Pinnock (Jamaica); Simon The Zealot – Fraser Ayers (Scotland / Black); Ananias – Peter De Jersey (Great Britain); Mother Marie – Greta Scacchi (Italy); Thomas – Johannes Johannesson (Iceland); Judas – Cesare Taurasi (Italy); and Boaz – George Georgiou (Greece).

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Jesus finds his apostles (preview)

Escape from Jerusalem (Preview)

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