Emmy 2022 predictions: Can Maid win a limited series?


Welcome to Emmy Experts Typing, a weekly column in which Gold Derby editors and experts Joyce Eng and Christopher Rosen discuss the Emmy race – via Slack, of course. This week, we look at the still chaotic race of limited series.

Christopher Rosen: Hello Joyce! We’re back to typing and about one of your favorite categories: the best and brightest limited series, or as I like to think “movies, but longer.” One of your most cherished shows “Under the Banner of Heaven” ended this week and I know you’re optimistic about its chances here. But I remain somewhat skeptical and have focused my attention on two relatively long shots if you follow our Gold Derby ratings: “WeCrashed” and “1883”. You know how I feel about “WeCrashed,” a series that I found thoroughly engrossing and hilarious — and one that stuck with me more than any other Silicon Valley story we watched this spring. That’s not to say “The Dropout” and “Super Pumped” weren’t great either (yes, I still love “Super Pumped”, a Gen X content spike if I’ve ever seen one), but “WeCrashed” and its undertones approach really felt different from the herd. It also helps that both Jared Leto and particularly Anne Hathaway remain two of my favorite performances of the year (I have both in it, of course). As for “1883”, what can I say? Not only the “Yellowstone” brand of Taylor SheridanThe cinematic universe of is very strong, but it looks like Paramount went the extra mile with the prequel series, putting the cast – especially hill of faith and Isabelle May – there on the election campaign. I also have these two actresses, of course (and I haven’t even spoken to them!). What about you, Joyce? Where do you fit in this category and how long will it take you to mention “Tick and Tac” while we’re at it?

joyceeng: Let’s get it over with right now: “Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers” for Best TV Movie or Bust. Limited is a mess and the only thing I feel relatively good about is that ‘Dopesick’, ‘Maid’ and ‘The White Lotus’ will be coming because they aired last year when the scenery was much emptier and they weren’t. battling 305,719 other shows for the eyeballs. If they all aired during the spring bottleneck, I’d say pull names out of a hat to make your series lineup. None of them have dominated the winter awards since facing stronger, more passionate shows of the last Emmy cycle, but they all have their supporters (I’ll stop here to say that if “The Underground Railroad” had premiered in the fall, it might be the Emmy favorite right now). I think that’s the problem: nothing broke in a huge way and every contestant here will have pockets of support, but they’re probably all small because there are too many shows and not enough time to watch them all . Yes, I always have “Under the Banner of Heaven” – whose 90-minute finale is like an eighth of this whole “Stranger Things” season – first, but as I mentioned last week, this isn’t is just a placeholder. Everyone I know who’s seen it, which isn’t a lot, loves it, and like “1883,” it’s unlike a lot of the shows in the running. Her trajectory reminds me of another FX limited series you could only watch on Hulu with an Oscar nominee/winner: “Mrs. America.” High expectations for both, but neither was a huge success. “Ms. America” ​​still has 10 nominations and a fave Emmy win Uzo Aduba. I’m not saying “Under the Banner of Heaven” will win anything, but a lot of these categories are very open. Were you (always?) on a high from your “Conversations with Friends” conversations and yet you’re the ghost?

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Christopher Rosen: “Conversations with Friends,” to quote another of our shared favorites, feels three points away from stardom at this point. I really enjoyed the show and was captivated by his performances. But unsurprisingly, based on the tone and style of the series, the response has been relatively muted. I’m afraid with such a crowded lineup and with so many curious productions with massive stars, that little room piece – a limited run of independent films? – could end up left reading. I also have ‘Dopesick’, ‘Maid’ and ‘The White Lotus’ here and wondered if maybe one of those shows would end up taking home the top prize, especially ‘Maid’. He’s the only top contender here on Netflix, winning last year for “The Queen’s Gambit.” “Maid” isn’t that show, of course, but it has the biggest reach, a high-profile nominee waiting to perform in Margaret Qualley, and stayed while some of the more flashy contenders brawled. Do you think ‘Maid’ is about to clean house, or will ‘The White Lotus’ rise like a phoenix – especially now that it could have three Best Supporting Actress nominees with “Hawkeye” going into comedy?

joyceeng: Lbr, Florence Poug has always been a hope in this very open category, but that obviously means less competition for everyone. Open-ended voting makes it easier to get tails of the pack in all categories of support – or really anyone from a highly visible and monitored project that voters love (as we discussed on Tuesday – not Monday – they filled last year’s limited support categories with “Hamilton” folks). That’s a long way of saying that I have three “White Lotus” ladies. Winning “Maid” wouldn’t shock me because it’s the most likable show here. It’s an empathetic portrait of poverty, a subject already underserved in the media, with an ingrained trail. A lot of these shows are about terrible (real) people who have done terrible things. Although, I will say that a friend of mine didn’t finish “Maid” because she thought it was too long (definitely should have shaved off a few episodes and runtimes) and obviously knew it had a happy ending IRL, so she quit and moved on. My whole line of supporting actresses are just stars of “The White Lotus”, “Maid” and “Dopesick” because I inserted myself Rosario Dawson the other day, but since I’m pleading for “Maid”, I’m wondering if I should replace it with Anika Noni Rose, which has a murderous episode. Can this whole category be blocked in 2021?

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Christopher Rosen: Honestly, maybe. Here’s why: Without a “Mare of Easttown” type phenomenon, there are likely to be pockets of fans for each of the shows we’ve discussed — plus a dozen more. It makes me think that a show like “Maid,” which has a definite group of 2021 supporters who likely remain in love or affection towards the show, might yet stand above the fray. Everybody watched and loved “Maid”, most people probably watched some of those other shows. Then I do not know ! I don’t have “Maid” first yet, but I could see it pushing there at the end. Or maybe I’m sleeping on the high thread count sheets of “The White Lotus”?

joyceeng: I would put “Dopesick” ahead of “The White Lotus”, not just because it’s the real favorite. Like “Maid”, it’s about a real crisis, the opioid epidemic, and while I don’t think all of its chronological shenanigans worked, it’s hard to ignore the emotional impact of Michael Keaton‘the sand Kaitlyn Deverthe performance of. I’m not sure the performance in “The White Lotus”, while good, lands the same way. Keaton is like John Smart: They both feel stronger than their respective shows and can win without them taking home the top prizes. But if you’re a Keaton-voting actor or a non-acting branch member who’s a stan and got emotional from his winter speeches but is lukewarm on all the limited series, maybe you’ll just tick off “Dopesick” too. The power of Batman.

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