Ellen DeGeneres finishes recording the final episode of her TV show; Write a message near home


Presenter Ellen DeGeneres reports that The Ellen Show has finished taping its final episode.

The series finale of The Ellen DeGeneres Show wraps up filming. Ellen first appeared in 2003 and is one of the most well-known syndicated programs on television.

Interviews with world-class Hollywood, individuals from the crowd who move it, and a slew of giveaways were all included on the show.

Former Ellen staffers said the chat program encouraged a threatening workplace, which made headlines in 2020.

Following the claims, DeGeneres released a lengthy expression of remorse and the show went through some critical changes in the background. Last year, DeGeneres said season 19 of The Ellen Show would be the final season.

She told The Hollywood Reporter at the time that embarrassment was not the explanation for the choice.

In any case, the notable moderator has now closed its doors. DeGeneres said on Twitter that the final episode of The Ellen Show was over.

DeGeneres remarked on how much has changed throughout the show’s residency in her post.

Ellen’s series finale will be released on May 26, and the syndicated program’s moderator expressed her gratitude to her viewers.

In the meantime, DeGeneres honored the 25th commemoration of her past sitcom’s landmark coming-out episode when the TV show aired Thursday.

“Take a look at me now,” DeGeneres said as she reflected on her experience. According to PEOPLE, DeGeneres didn’t just come out as gay on April 30, 1997; her personality on the ABC series Crush Ellen also did.

The episode named The Puppy Episode was taped in front of a live crowd at that time.


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