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ELIZABETHTOWN — Two sisters have bridged a lifelong hobby into a career.

Sisters Alli Armstrong Vaughan (left) and Adriana Armstrong host a show called ‘Grace Camo and Lace’ on the Sportsman Channel.

Provided by Alli Vaughan

Alli Armstrong Vaughan and Adriana Armstrong grew up in Elizabethtown. Like many other southern Illinois men, their father, Darrick Armstrong, was a hunter. Vaughan, the eldest of the couple, accompanied her father on his first hunt when she was 5 years old.

They started by hunting squirrels. Vaughan said squirrels don’t require the “hunter” to be too quiet or still.

“At the age of six, I had killed my first deer and my first turkey. Dad filmed us as a souvenir…”

“We are almost five years apart. I knew it was my turn to start hunting when I was 5 years old. I also had my first deer and my first turkey in the first year,” said Adriana Armstrong.

Starting with their father gave him the opportunity to teach the girls how to hunt properly. Before long, Adriana was filming her sister, and then they faded away.

Vaughan said more and more people want to see the videos. They made DVDs and sold them at a local Rural King and Dunn’s Sporting Goods store. They had enough viewers to gain sponsors as well.

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Sisters Alli Armstrong Vaughan and Adriana Armstrong have a show called “Grace Camo and Lace” on the Sportsman channel.

Provided by Alli Vaughan

This led the young women to create their own show called “Grace Camo and Lace”.

The sixth season of “Grace Camo and Lace” has premiered and will air on the Sportsman Channel in the first and second quarters of 2022. In the second half, “Grace Camo and Lace” will be available on MOTV (My Outdoors TV ) and the Hunt channel.

Vaughan said the latter two channels can be found on digital media platforms such as Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Roku and others.

They had so much fun hunting with their father that their mother, Susan, also started hunting. You could catch both parents and grandfather Ronnie Armstrong on the show.

The show is based in Elizabethtown, where 19-year-old Adriana lives. Vaughan, now 24, lives near Tulsa, Oklahoma, with her husband, who serves in the military.

In addition to expanding their audience, the young women developed their hunting skills.

Besides the normal southern Illinois prey, they hunted elk, barberry sheep, ibex, and even bears.


Adriana Armstrong is pictured with an elk she killed.

Provided by Alli Vaughan

Vaughan said his favorite hunt was elk. They go back and forth that include deer hunting and turkey elements.

Adriana Armstrong still enjoys hunting whitetail deer in southern Illinois.

“There is so much history. I really appreciate that,” she said.

Both sisters are national archery champions with teams from Southeastern Illinois College. Vaughan said Adriana was a better archery shooter than her.

Both want a career in communication and the outdoors.

“I write for outdoor magazines and blogs such as Tri-State Hunting Magazine, Bowhunting.com, Legacy Trails Media, Ohio River Scenic Byway Magazine, and North American Whitetail Magazine,” Vaughan said.

Adriana Armstrong is a student majoring in communications – social media marketing. She will complete her degree online.

The first New Year’s Eve “Grace Camo and Lace” aired on December 29 on the Sportsman channel. The show’s regular airtime is 5:30 a.m. Thursdays and 7:30 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. Saturdays.


Adriana Armstrong is pictured with an elk she killed.

Provided by Alli Vaughan

For more information, visit “Grace Camo and Lace” on social media including Facebook and Instagram.

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