Dexter: New Blood Cast: Where You Have Already Seen The Stars Of The Limited Series


This article contains spoilers from the original Dexter series on Showtime. (If you are not aware of the series before Dexter: new blood, be warned!)

In 2013, fans of the hit original crime drama Showtime Dexter expressed their displeasure with the series finale which sees the heroic sociopath and titular Michael C. Hall abandon his double life in Miami in an unspecified – and much colder – place. Well, it looks like those grievances have been heard as a new limited-series follow-up arrives on the fall 2021 TV show to hopefully offer a more fitting conclusion to the story of America’s favorite serial killer. United. Sadly, very few of the surviving members of the original Dexter cast are making a comeback for the new season, but you’ll definitely see some familiar faces on the Dexter: new blood actors, including (and not surprisingly) the Golden Globe-winning lead role.

Michael C. Hall on Dexter: New Blood

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Michael C. Hall (Dexter Morgan)

Reprising his best-known role as Dexter Morgan – now playing Jim Lindsay on Dexter: new blood – is Michael C. Hall, who was first acclaimed by Emmy nominees as David Fisher on HBO Six feet Under ground casting before taking center stage Dexter, which led to big screen roles like the 2009 sci-fi thriller player or the drama of 2013 Kill your darling to name a few. He also voiced a vampiric version of Batman in the DC animated film. Justice League: Gods and Monsters, played a suburban dad looking for his missing daughter in the Netflix miniseries Safe in 2018, and the 2019 Netflix movie In the shadow of the moon as a lawyer. Earlier in 2021, Hall starred in the thriller John and the hole and voices Leonard Swett in an upcoming documentary on the Gettysburg speech.

Clancy Brown

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Clancy Brown (Kurt Caldwell)

Dexter now resides in the small town of Iron Lake, which is unofficially run by truck stop owner Kurt Caldwell – played by Clancy Brown, who is known to have been a lot throughout his long acting career from iconic horror film (most recently in Shudder’s The mortuary collection), an HBO star Carnival actors, and even a star of superhero movies like the voice Surtur in Thor: Ragnarok, among other comic roles. In fact, he is perhaps even better known for his voice acting, as in several DC TV shows and Marvel TV, but more commonly known as Mr. Krabs on Sponge Bob SquarePants. After Dexter: new blood, you will see the actor in person in future films Last looks and John Wick: Chapter Four, which is now in post-production.

Julia Jones on Dexter: New Blood

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Julia Jones (Angela Bishop)

As Iron Lake’s first Native American Police Chief Angela Bishop, we have Julia Jones, whose early career highlights include the 2010 DC Comics-inspired western. Jonas Hex, playing shape-shifter Leah Clearwater in the dusk films, and a recurring role in the emergency casting in 2008. She most recently had a recurring role on the Westworld casting, played a grieving mother in River of the wind in 2017, starred in the action thriller 2019 Continued cold opposite Liam Neeson, and appeared in Episode 4 of The Mandalorian like Omera. Apart from Dexter: new blood, 2021 saw Jones join Peacock’s Rutherford Falls performs and voices a series of original Disney Channel shorts titled The Ghost and Molly McGee.

Alano Miller on Dexter: New Blood

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Alano Miller (Logan)

As Iron Lake Police Sergeant and Assistant Wrestling Coach at Logan High School, we have Alano Miller, who has started making appearances in several hit series (including FX’s Damage) before landing a recurring role on the Joan the Virgin casting that led to bigger things, like a spot on one of the best Atlanta episodes ever as a sneaky talk show host in 2016. The same year he landed a role in the landmark biopic Magnet, played Cato Powell in the historic WGN series Underground, and some other period pieces such as those from AMC Stop and catch fire and the original Amazon Prime movie Sylvie’s love in 2020. Season 2 of his original romantic series OWN Cherish the day (from creator Ava DuVernay) is slated to premiere in 2022.

Johnny Sequoyah on Dexter: New Blood

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Johnny Sequoyah (Audrey)

As Angela Bishop’s arrogant teenage daughter Audrey we have Johnny Sequoyah, who made her uncredited acting debut at the age of 11 in the 2013 comedy ass upside down before becoming the focus of NBC’s short-lived supernatural drama To believe, which was co-created by Oscar-winning filmmaker Alfonso Cuarón, in 2014. The same year she starred in the drama film Among the crows and a drama called Black eyed dog before appearing in the 2015 horror film Wind walkers, the fantasy film of 2016 Albion: the enchanted stallion, and the pilot episode of american housewife on CBS.

Jack Alcott as Harrison Morgan in Dexter: New Blood

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Jack Alcott (Harrison Morgan)

Jack Alcott is the fifth actor to play Dexter’s son, Harrison Morgan (who goes by Randall on Dexter: new blood), which is easily the young actor’s biggest role to date in a career dominated by appearances in short films for years. However, the year 2020 has started to bring new changes with its guest spot as a younger version of The blacklist actor Diego Klattenhoff and a starring role in the original Showtime Western miniseries The good Lord bird as the onscreen son of creator and star Ethan Hawke.

Jennifer Carpenter as Debra Morgan in Dexter: New Blood

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Jennifer Carpenter (Debra Morgan)

Of course, no one else could play Dexter’s adopted sister, who appears on Dexter: new blood from beyond the grave, that Jennifer Carpenter, whose other best-known roles come mainly from horror films such as The Exorcism of Emily Rose (in which she plays the titular possessed teenager) and Quarantine (the 2009 English remake of [REC]). Debra Morgan is also one of the few characters she played with a badge, including an FBI agent on CBS ‘ Unlimited short-lived series and NBC spin-off The enemy within as a former CIA traitor. In 2021, the Brawl in Cell Block 99 the star also appeared alongside Amanda Seyfried in the drama A mouthful of air and Carpenter has a new horror movie in the works called She is always there.

Jamie Chung on Dexter: New Blood

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Jamie Chung (Molly)

Also a bit of a Scream Queen (especially for her role in the Lovecraft Country cast) is Jamie Chung, who plays a recurring character in Dexter: new blood named Molly, but “Blockbuster Queen” might be more accurate for all the big Hollywood movies in her 16-year career, like the one from 2014 Sin City: a lady to kill and the last two Hangover movies, to name a few. She also played Mulan on the Once upon a time cast, has appeared in many superhero TV shows like Big Hero 6: The Series (in which she reprizes her role from the original film), and recently lent her voice to the animated series Star Wars: Visions on Disney +. Chung also appears on Apple TV + Mr. Corman and is currently working on the mythological animated series twilight of the gods and mystery comedy Meeting.

David Magidoff on Dexter: New Blood

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David Magidoff (Teddy Reed)

In what might be his comparatively darkest role to date (Teddy Reed on Dexter: new blood) is comedian David Magidoff, who debuted in NBC’s 1950s drama American dreams and made his film debut with Sex and death 101 one year after landing a recurring role among Véronique Mars casting in 2006. Guest spots on other hit TV shows – such as Fox’s Deadly weapon reboot and even some Disney Channel originals like Austin & Ally – followed before 2019 when he landed major roles on Apple TV + The morning show throw and High Elf on Nickelodeon. More recently, Magidoff has acted in the face of Impeachment: American Crime Story cast in its premiere and you may have also seen it hosting HQ Trivia.

Michael Cyril Creighton on Dexter: New Blood

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Michael Cyril Creighton (Fred Jr.)

A Dexter: new blood cast member who previously worked with Michael C. Hall in the 2018 comic book Game night is Michael Cyril Creighton – a theater-trained actor whose theater-inspired web series Jack in a box (for which he also created and won a Writer’s Guild of America award) ultimately earned him guest spots on FX’s Louie and Netflix Orange is the new black. He’s also appeared in a few Oscar darlings, including the 2016 Best Picture winner. Projector and the nominee for best film The post office in 2017. Creighton also appeared in a much lighter crime series in 2021, namely Hulu’s Only the murders in the building, and is currently working on a remake of the A league apart for Amazon Prime.

John Lithgow and Michael C. Hall on Dexter

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John Lithgow (Arthur Mitchell)

Perhaps the most exciting familiar face appearing on Dexter: new blood is Oscar nominee John Lithgow, who channeled his villainous side (as seen in Suspense or as Lord Farquaad of Shrek cast) in an Emmy-winning performance as Trinity Killer in Dexteris the fourth (and arguably the best) season. The Third Rock of the Sun actor (who won his sixth Emmy playing Winston Churchill on The crown) recently revisited its more innocent side by joining HBO Perry mason cast, but didn’t give up the dark playing Judd in 2019 Pet Sematist remake and Roger Ailes in Bomb that same year. Lithgow has another limited detective series in the works called The old man, stars in Martin Scorsese’s next film Moon Flower Killers, and film the drama Sharper and an untitled biopic on Mother Cabrini as we speak.

New blood on the Dexter: new blood the cast looks promising enough to suggest this new season will make a murder. See for yourself when the special limited-edition event kicks off Sunday, November 7, 2021 on Showtime.


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