Detailed “Twin Peaks: A Limited Event Series” collection


Twin Peaks: a series of limited events to arrive at December 5, 2017, as multi-disc Blu-ray and DVD collections from Showtime Networks, CBS Home Entertainment and Paramount Home Media Distribution. Both collections include all eighteen (18) parts of the famous SHOWTIME limited event series produced entirely by four-time Oscar nominee David Lynch, as well as over six (6) hours of special features that take fans behind the scenes. red curtain for a close-up, exclusive look at the making of the show. Over eighty (80) minutes of additional behind-the-scenes content will be available exclusively on the Blu-ray version.

Appearing on both Blu-ray and DVD collections, IMPRESSIONS: A Behind-the-Scenes Journey at Twin Peaks is a series of ten (10) films of approximately thirty (30) minutes directed by longtime Lynch documentary filmmaker and friend Jason S. (Interview project), which had unprecedented access to document the manufacture of the series. Each of these ten (10) films captures the triumphs and tribulations of a master director and true artist at work. The collections also include Phenomenon, a three-part featurette in which the cast and crew of the series join with artists, musicians and creative personalities to reflect on the enduring legacy of Twin peaks; the Twin peaks panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2017, moderated by Damon Lindelof (The remains, lost) and presenting Lynch’s introduction to the camera; promotional series produced by Lynch for SHOWTIME, as well as one for the cinema; a collection of eighteen (18) different logos of Rancho Rosa (the production company of the series) from the top of each part; and a behind-the-scenes photo gallery. Finally, through seamless branching, Parts 1 and 2, and 3 and 4 of the series are included individually, as well as in combination feature film presentations, as they were originally broadcast on Showtime in the US.

For fans who want the definitive version of Twin Peaks: a series of limited events, the deluxe-wrapped Blu-ray will contain three additional behind-the-scenes movies. The independent filmmaker, photographer and Twin peaks’ Ben Horne – Richard Beymer – has directed two captivating feature films, Behind the red curtain and I had bad milk in Dehradun, who follow Lynch and company as they spin in the Red Room. In a beautiful dream: a week at Twin Peaks, the filmmaker Charles DeLauzirika, who produced and directed many feature films for the previous ones Twin peaks home entertainment products, documents a week on set when the cast returned to Snoqualmie and North Bend from the original series 25 years later.

With Golden Globe winner Kyle MacLachlan (Blue Velvet, Dune), the 18-part SHOWTIME series picks up 25 years after residents of a quaint northwestern town were stunned by the shocking murder of their queen Laura Palmer. Twin peaks is written and produced by series creators Mark Frost and David Lynch, and is produced by Sabrina S. Sutherland.

The distribution of special features is as follows:


  • IMPRESSIONS: A Behind-the-Scenes Journey at Twin Peaks
    • The Man with the Raised Gray Hair (29:40)
    • Tell Martin (29:08)
    • Two blue balls (24:14)
    • The completion number (29:17)
    • Bad Twins (28:08)
    • See you on the other side Dear friend (30:00)
    • Don’t Pick Up The Hitchhikers (26:44)
    • A bloody finger in your mouth (26:49)
    • The Polish Accountant (28:05)
    • A pot of boiling oil (38:32)
    • Part 1: Creation (4:40)
    • Part 2: Life after death (4:50)
    • Part 3: Rebirth (4:50)
    • Backstage Photo Gallery
  • Rancho Rosa Logos (2:25)
  • San Diego Comic-Con 2017 Twin Peaks Panel (61:26)
  • David Lynch has produced promotions
    • Piano (1:02)
    • Donut (: 32)
    • Wood (: 32)
    • People (: 32)
    • Places (: 32)
    • Albert (1:02)
    • At the movie theater (1:32)


  • A very beautiful dream: a week at Twin Peaks (27:09)
  • Behind the Red Curtain (29:17)
  • I had bad milk in Dehradun (28:11)


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