DC’s Pride Label Continues With New Aquaman Miniseries


DC Comics’ Pride label continues in September with Aquaman: The Becoming, a new limited series starring LGBTQ + hero Jackson Hyde.

DC Comics’ Pride label continues long after June, with a new Aquaman series centered around Jackson Hyde slated to launch in September.

In an article on Marvel and DC’s Pride Month celebrations, The Hollywood Reporter exclusively revealed David Talaski’s cover for Aquaman: Becoming # 1, the first issue of a six-part DC limited series by Brandon Thomas and Diego Olortegui. “Indeed, the DC Pride the anthology is just one of the many outings linked to the DC Pride Label; the mini-series Crush & Lobo launched last week, and will be joined in September by Aquaman: Becoming, ” THR Explain.

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Created by Brandon Vietti, Greg Weisman and Phil Bourassa, the character of Kaldur’ahm (or Kaldur, for short) first appeared in 2010, coming from the popular DC animated series Young justice. Kaldur was created as a new version of Aqualad, replacing the original Aqualad, Garth, which was called Tempest in DC comics at the time. Also in 2010, a slightly modified version of Kaldur named Jackson Hyde made his comic book debut as the new Aqualad in Brightest day # 4.

Aqualad is a natural fit for DC Pride, considering he’s one of the publisher’s most prominent LGBTQ + characters. In the DC comic book universe, Jackson has been portrayed as openly post-gayRenaissance, while his Young justice counterpart has been portrayed as bisexual. DC brought Aqualad’s sexuality to the fore last year with You brought me the ocean, a YA graphic novel by Alex Sánchez and Jul Maroh that focuses on another modified version of the character named Jake Hyde and his budding romance with swim team captain Kenny Liu. You brought me the ocean was nominated for Best Comic Book at the 32nd GLAAD Media Awards earlier this year.

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While the plot details for Aquaman: Becoming aren’t currently available, the title seems to imply that the comic will follow Jackson as he prepares to take on the role of Aquaman. This would reflect the arc of his Young justice his counterpart Kaldur, who himself became the new Aquaman after the retirement of King Orin (aka Arthur Curry).

Aquaman: Becoming Brandon Thomas and Diego Olortegui # 1 goes on sale in September at DC Comics.

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Source: The Hollywood Journalist

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