Comey Rule director sure Donald Trump will hate the series of events – Deadline


“I imagine we’ll be on his radar and I think it’s likely the IRS will start checking my taxes, but that’s just a guess,” Comey’s rule Director Billy Ray spoke today about how Donald Trump will react to the upcoming Showtime series of events. “I think at the very least I’m going to have a mean nickname on Twitter,” added the Captain Phillips screenwriter.

Actor playing ex-Apprentice celebrity the host may be little more than a nasty nickname, according to Ray’s estimate. “I wouldn’t want to expose any actor to the flack that I imagine Brendan is about to receive from our current president,” he said very seriously Brendan Gleeson. “Ireland may not be far enough,” Ray joked of the Irish actor’s current location.

With Jeff Daniels as former FBI Director James Comey and Harry potter alum Gleeson as Trump, Comey’s rule broadcast September 27 and 28 on premium cable owned by ViacomCBS. Always sensitive to his representations on the small screen, Trump is revealed in the show based on the dismissal of Comey’s in 2017. Higher loyalty book as an unfit man, thin-skinned, corrupt and potentially placed in the White House with the help of Vladimir Putin.

It was the latter element that drew Ray to the story and directing of the series, the writer and director said on Thursday during a virtual panel with Daniels and other cast members.

“I don’t think any writer, director has had the opportunity that I have right now, to tell a story as it unfolds,” Ray admitted of the timing of The Comey Rule as Trump and Joe Biden enter the home stretch of this year’s election. “Participate in a national conversation just before a national election. It comes with a huge responsibility and a huge obligation, but as long as we’re honest in our storytelling I think we live up to it.

With Daniels, Michael Kelly (Andrew McCabe), Jennifer Ehle (Patrice Comey), Oona Chaplin (Lisa Page) and Steven Pasquale (Peter Strzok) participating from their home on Zoom, Ray was keen to point out that even with political supporters at stake , the series wasn’t meant to be didactic but primarily informative, in a dramatic way – even with Comey himself as a “resource,” as the director called the former top cop.

“We didn’t do this series to change people’s votes, at least for me,” he said. “The reason I did this was because I felt the Russians had a profound and unfortunate effect on our political process in 2016 and I wanted the American public to know that before going to the polls in 2020,” said the director. declared.

Regarding the 2020 elections, Comey’s rule appeared a bit DOA as ViacomCBS, controlled by Shari Redstone, scheduled the series for late November, AKA long after a COVID-19 ravaged America went to the polls. This seemingly politically-inclined programming decision saw Ray put a passionate pen on paper to protest in late June. Still, the filmmaker is not convinced that his action sparked high-level reaction from companies soon after to move Comey’s rule to this day before the hotly contested elections.

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“I think it’s lovely and rather romantic that people think my little old man wrote a letter that supported a company the size of Viacom,” Ray said today of his true influence. “I don’t think that’s what really happened… I don’t think I changed Viacom’s mind.”

“I think they knew that the viability of this commodity was so much more valuable before the election than after the election,” he said. I just think it was a lot less likely to happen in late November, ”continued Ray. “So I think they were still on the verge of going back on that decision, and if anything, my letter gave them some cover, so they could do it more easily.”

“I think these people are on a mission to make smart decisions and I’m very grateful that they made this smart decision because I think it will be good for everyone.”

Comey’s rule is produced by Oscar nominated Shane Salerno, Alex Kurtzman, Heather Kadin and Ray. It is produced by CBS Television Studios in association with Home Run Productions, The Story Factory and Secret Hideout.


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