China TV show canceled for “historical inaccuracies”


November 17 (UPI) – A TV series depicting the Chinese Communist Army has been removed from streaming platforms in China after state media said the show contained historical inaccuracies.

Lightning Warrior, which began broadcasting on Mango TV and Tencent Video on November 3, was taken off the air for inappropriate portrayals of historical figures, Chinese state tabloid Global Times reported on Tuesday.

The television series tells the story of the Eighth Highway Army, a Communist force that campaigned against the Japanese as Japan launched a full-scale invasion of China, according to the Financial Time.

Chinese media say the show distorts the story. The scenes show the Eighth Highway Army commander living in a large villa while smoking a cigar, according to the Global Times.

The army nurses shown in the film are also depicted in tight-fitting outfits that Chinese social media users say were not worn by women in wartime.

The People’s Daily of China criticized the show as “ridiculous” and mostly flattering Chinese Gen Z viewers who tune in to watch their favorite pop idols.

Chinese media commentators have also complained about the “South Korean style” of eye makeup on female characters, South Korean news service CBS No Cut News reported. The producers of the program are resisting criticism, which they deem unfair, according to the report.

Chinese shows and films depicting the nation in times of war have become increasingly popular, with Chinese leader Xi Jinping encouraging nationalist sentiment with his speeches about the “great spirit” of the Chinese military.

At the beginning of November, the epic of the war The sacrifice at the top of the Chinese box office, according to China Central Television. The film depicts the Chinese troops who fought in the Korean War.


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