Cameos from a TV show’s most iconic singers!


If you want to dive into the past and watch some nostalgic TV shows with some of our favorite artists, we’ve got you covered! Here are 5 times singers made iconic cameos on our favorite TV shows.

Sean Kingston – Suite Life On Deck

At the time, Season Kingston’s song “Dumb Love” was a huge hit! In Season 3 Episode 8 “Party On”, he makes an appearance on the show and sings his catchy, catchy song at London Tipton. While this song was being sung, Zach and Maya also had their first kiss after Zach threw her a surprise party.

Shakira – Wizards of Waverly Place

In season 3, episode 12 of the Wizards of Waverly Place, Shakira makes an appearance. She sings a duet with Alex Russo on his song “Gypsy”. This episode is super funny because in the episode we discover that Shakira is also their uncle Kelbo!

Bruno Mars – Jane The Virgin

In Joan the VirginIn Chapter Forty-Four and the Season 2 finale, we have a special guest at Jane and Michael’s wedding. Bruno Mars serenaded the beautiful couple with the song “Rest of my Life”. Obviously, it was Rogelio, Jane’s dad, who made this happen, because I mean, Bruno is literally her third best friend!

Ke$ha – Victorious

Now season 2, episode 3 is unquestionably one of the best Victorious episodes of all time. Ke$ha made an appearance, as the whole episode revolves around finding different flavors of ice cream to get a free gig from the singer. André had mentioned that the contest was still going on and that the group of friends had done everything to win, and Tori Vega no longer has to be her sister Trina’s assistant for the rest of the month.

Jordin Sparks – Big Time Rush

Jordin Sparks made a guest appearance on Season 1, Episode 15 of Big time Rush. In the episode, Jordin Sparks came to Palm Woods to record with producer Gustavo. Things took a bit of a turn and eventually the duet “Count On You” became a song sung by all Big Time Rush and Jordin Sparks together. Talk about iconic!


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