Byron’s council condemns ‘Instant Hotel’ TV show – The Echo


Luke Jacobz hosts the new Instant Hotel series from Seven with interior design and design expert Juliet Ashworth.

A Byron Shire property that features on the Instant Hotel TV show has received more than 21 complaints in the past two years.

The owner was also fined an immediate $ 3,000 last week, according to Byron Shire Mayor Simon Richardson.

Cr Richardson said he was concerned that the Red Gate Road property in South Golden Beach would be promoted as an “instant hotel,” particularly because there was a history of non-compliance with regard to use. of the property.

“The owners of this property have a blatant disregard for the Byron Shire Council and therefore the community, which is responsible for protecting the rights of residents against illegal development,” he said.

“To see this property promoted on national television as an ‘instant hotel’ is extremely disappointing given that it does not currently comply with council regulations.”

“Council has received over 21 complaints regarding this property over the past two years and in fact Council imposed an immediate fine of $ 3,000 on the owner of the premises on November 2, 2017 in connection with unauthorized activities.

Mayor Richardson said the council is asking Airbnb to be the responsible corporate citizen they claim to be, to withdraw their support for Instant Hotel and to condemn the use of the house for illegal vacation rentals.


“2,655 properties in the Byron Shire were advertised on vacation platforms such as Airbnb in 2017 and when you consider that there are only 4,256 listings for the Northern Rivers area this has a huge impact on our residential areas.

“To put that into perspective, there are only 15,645 listings in the entire Byron Shire, which means almost 17% of properties are on Airbnb.

“The proliferation of unauthorized short-term vacation homes threatens the fabric of our community and in some areas long-time residents no longer know anyone on their streets.

“Short-term rentals significantly reduce the number of permanent and affordable rental units.

“The Byron Shire Council is warning owners of unauthorized short-term rental housing – we are monitoring you and prosecuting if necessary.”


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