Bridge GR series of events kicks off this weekend


GRAND RAPIDS, MI – The Bridge GR, a series of live events focused on art, community, culture and music, kicks off this weekend in Grand Rapids.

The event, designed to support community revitalization and economic recovery, runs from August 29 to October 3.

On Saturday at 6 p.m., the event kicks off at Rosa Parks Circle with Open Windows, an event commemorating the murals placed on store windows that were smashed in the May 30 riot in downtown Grand Rapids.

The Open Windows event will feature an auction as well as live artwork and more.

“This exciting community celebration serves to bridge the gap between our current reality and our brighter future,” said Mark Washington, City Manager of Grand Rapids.

“Many in our community are suffering as a result of the pandemic, and our national conversation has been weighted by important issues of racial and economic justice. By providing our community with this platform, we hope to not only celebrate who we are, but also build conversations that foster resilience, healing, shared understanding and progress in Grand Rapids.

Because the series of events takes place amid the coronavirus pandemic, social distancing rules will be in place. Events will be limited to 100 people, participants who do not live together will be required to maintain a social distance of six feet from each other and masks are encouraged.

Other events include an outdoor concert, known as Summer in the City, at Studio Park on September 5. On September 8th there will be “Storytime GR in the Park” at Lincoln Park and “Swing and Line Dancing” at Rosa Parks. Circle.

The “EHCN Fall Concert Series” will be held in Cherry Park on September 10, as will Degage Ministries’ “Open Window Pillowcase Project”, which will take place at Gillett Bridge and Ah-Nab-Awen Park. .

The pillow case project will include 4,700 pillow cases, each decorated by members of the community, commemorating the women Degage served at her shelter.

For a full list of events, Click here.

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