Bengali TV show ‘Pilu’ runs through 100 episodes; the party team

Bengali TV series ‘Pilu’, starring Gourab Roy Chowdhury and Megha Daw in the lead roles, has completed 100 episodes. The team enjoyed a festive atmosphere on the film sets. The cast and crew of the show, who worked hard to make the show a success, took time out from their busy filming schedule and enjoyed a gala together.

A personalized cake was brought in to make the occasion more special and the team celebrated their new milestone. Gourab, Megha, Biswanath Basu, Rudrajit Mukherjee, Promita Chakrabartty, Idhika Paul and other artists were present and enjoying a festive atmosphere. The film set was flying high in energy.

Launched in January, the show enjoys a decent viewership. It has an ensemble cast. Actor Gourab who is a popular face in Bengali TV plays the role of a passionate singer in ‘Pilu’. The show features Megha opposite him as the female lead. She was previously seen on the reality show “Dance Bangla Dance Season 11” as one of the finalists and made her acting debut in “Pilu”. Idhika, on the other hand, also tries out a meaty role that has gray undertones. Actors Koushik Chakraborty, Anjana Basu, Aditi Chatterjee, Saptarshi Roy and others are playing leading roles in this TV show.

‘Pilu’ tells a love story that revolves around the life of Aahir and Pilu. While Aahir is a classically trained singer who has dedicated his life to music, Pilu is a bubbly village belle. The latter is also a good singer but has never had formal training. Pilu and Aahir marry following a twist in history and begin a new journey together.


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