Bay of Plenty cop duo’s journey to feature in final TV show


Constable Andrew Smart (left) with Talon and Constable Scott Gosnell with Apex on their graduation day. Photo / Dog Squad Puppy School TVNZ

A Bay of Plenty Police Dog Handler and A Dog’s Journey to Graduation will air on national television tomorrow night.

Agent Andrew Smart and his dog Talon have been up and running for 10 months now, but their training efforts were part of the Dog Squad Puppy School TV show this year.

Tomorrow will be the last episode in the series, which has documented Talon’s growth from his debut with the New Zealand police, according to Police Ten One magazine.

Smart said Talon was doing well and had recently called himself a search and rescue dog “so he’s fine – we’re still finding our feet.”

Smart said that while Talon was still “young enough and a bit immature for AOS [Armed Offenders Squad]“The latest badge gave him a specialty to add to his general service job.

“The next step for him in terms of further development is to train in victim recovery work.”

The last 10 months have also been a learning curve for Smart, as the first manager.

“I’m from the frontline public safety team. It’s similar in that you answer the same type of role, but you feel a lot more responsible. It’s easy to put a lot of pressure on yourself because people turn to you.

“It’s a huge learning curve – it doesn’t stop – but it’s great to watch the dog develop. I love the role autonomy and knowing that I can rely 100% on Talon for to support me.”

Smart and Talon will be alongside Police Officer Waikato Scott Gosnell and Apex, who graduated with them in June 2020 and will also face their final appearance on the show.

Dog Squad Puppy School will air at 7:30 p.m. on TV One Tuesday.


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