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In the latest crossover between games and TV, mobile racing series Asphalt is reportedly being developed as a reality TV series.

Originally reported by Deadline, the show’s basic premise should sound somewhat familiar to anyone familiar with Sony. GT Academy – turned itself into a television series.

According to the report, there will be an unspecified competition which will see players attempt to qualify for the show. It would probably be some kind of event within Asphalt – probably the current title Asphalt 9 Legends – which will see the best participants qualify for a final.

It’s apparently called “Asphalt House”, and will probably be something like GT Academy Boot Camp, except with all the finalists in one house. At this time we don’t know where this will be located, but it’s likely to be on or near a race track.

They will participate in numerous challenges, which will naturally be accompanied by driving tests, at the “Asphalt Driving Academy”. An unspecified conduct-based elimination event, with players involved in one-on-ones against each other and “surprise” guests, will see players reduced during the competition.

It’s unclear what the ultimate prize will be at this point, but the overall winner will earn the title “Asphalt Legend.”

The TV show itself will be produced by Radar Pictures, which has previously created films in the Jumanji and Riddick franchises, and live-events specialist N4XT Experiences. This will be the first game-to-TV project developed by the two brands following a partnership specifically aimed at producing television and film media from IP gaming.

Although better known as a mobile title, the latest version — Asphalt 9 Legends – is also available as a free game on Xbox and Nintendo Switch. The Asphalt series as a whole has had over a billion downloads since the first game in 2004.

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