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Although bumpy at times, Schmigadoon! is a wellness comedy and hat for musicals, worth a visit on Sundays.

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Half musical parody and half tribute, Schmigadoon! follows Doctors Melissa (Cecily Strong) and her partner Josh (Keegan-Michael Key) through the woods, getting lost and soon stumbling across the town at the exclamation mark. Assuming first that they’ve stumbled upon a tourist attraction, the two soon realize they’re in a musical, and the only way out is to find true love. Until then, they live in this town which regularly starts to sing and dance, at a time when women are not doctors and $ 20 is a colossal sum.

With a talented cast including Aaron Tveit (playing Danny Bailey), Dove Cameron (Betsy), Jaime Camil (Doctor Lopez), Alan Cumming (Mayor Menlove), Kristin Chenoweth (Mildred Layton) and Fred Armisen (as Reverend Layton), the One six-part miniseries takes viewers through the couple’s exploits as they turn to the locals for true love and leave the city forever changed, aided by numerous musicals. There are also several references and reviews on musicals, including Brigadoon, The sound of music, and Carousel among many others.

The best parts of the show are the many references to being in a musical, from Josh not wanting to sing to Melissa stating that everyone hates dream ballet.

This constant SEO is one of the main comedic tropes of the series, and sometimes falls flat but mostly works. He also denounces sexism, homophobia, racism and other problematic tropes of old musicals.

Schmigadoon!‘s musical numbers are lively and excellently performed parodies, especially when Melissa stands in front of a couple and teaches them about the reproductive system to the tune of’Do Re Mi‘of The sound of music, and when Mildred Layton performs a song that influences the whole town about the couple’s danger, influenced by ‘You have problems‘of The man of music.

Across all of the musical numbers, the conflict at the heart of the series is Josh and Melissa’s relationship. Through flashbacks of their time together, we see the couple’s relationship developing, scenes that perhaps are meant to get viewers to support the couple. However, a lack of chemistry between the actors is evident. Josh meets schoolteacher Emma (Ariana DeBose) and learns her secrets as Melissa begins working with Doctor Lopez as a nurse, both apparently better suited to these pairings than to each other. But soon enough, we learn that true love means putting work into a relationship instead of being something that can be found, and the series doesn’t fully spark the curiosity of how they’ll end up together.

But as they come together, they also change the city forever, giving people the courage to live honestly and break more musical tropes, the types of characters one meets. Everyone confesses their secrets in front of the whole town, from the innkeeper who hates his job and wants to be an actor, to the town doctor who is in fact a veterinarian, and the pretty Betsy who only wants to get married while being pretty sure c ‘is a bad boy socialist from the city who is “tired of being a rascal” and wants to be better. Josh and Malissa have learned to appreciate each other during their separation, and the show ends as they make their way to the magical bridge that will give them access to their own world.

Although bumpy at times, Schmigadoon! is a wellness comedy and hat for musicals, worth a visit on Sundays.

Schmigadoon! is broadcast on Apple TV +.


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