Anupamaa Actor Sudhansu Pandey Opens Up About Vanraj Shah Role


Actor Sudhansu Pandey is no newbie, in fact, the actor has completed two decades in the industry. The actor recently shared his thoughts on the character, his growth as an artist, and how people are extremely quick to judge his character on screen.

The actor said, “I think this trip has been very rewarding as an actor. I had always heard that comedians on daily soap operas wear themselves out playing the same character for years and they reach saturation. I’m very lucky to have a character in my daily soap opera who was obviously the male protagonist but way more than the male lead, which has so many layers. I thought the character’s kind of complicated, intricate mind would give me leeway to take it to the next level whenever something new happened in the series. In the past two years, I haven’t had a single day where I felt overwhelmed.”

Sudhanshu also added that people criticize his character and the way he handles it saying, “Some people are very quick to judge Vanraj but I sit and smile because I know these people will turn around and say, ‘yaar, ye itna bura aadmi nahin hai.’ That’s the beauty of this character, he’s multi-dimensional the only thing I had to keep in mind is this very fine line where I can’t be a very negative or very positive person because that will make my character very unrealistic. So I had to walk this very fine line but I keep everything under control during scenes where there is dialogue that pushes the character in a certain direction. So I have to tone down the dialogue and also have a discussion with the creatives and writers many times to change a few things, and they’re very happy to incorporate the changes because they understand where I’m coming from and completely relate to it too.”

Sudhanshu Pandey concluded by saying, “I tried my best to give my one hundred percent to this character.”


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