American Gods canceled at Starz, but he could get a series of events or a TV movie


American Gods was canceled at Starz, just a week after the TV adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s hit novel concluded its third season. According to Hollywood journalist, the network announced Monday that the show will not be renewed for a fourth season, although sources said Starz is in talks with the producers of Fremantle for “a series of events or a potential film that would conclude the story “, which stems from Gaiman’s The Fantastic Novel of the same name.“American Gods will not be returning for a fourth season. Everyone at Starz is grateful to the dedicated cast and crew, and our partners at Fremantle who brought the ever-relevant story of writer and executive producer Neil to life. Gaiman speaking about our country’s cultural climate, “Starz said in a statement to THR on Monday, confirming the show’s cancellation.

Sources say the decision to cancel the series was accepted amid declining audiences, as viewership across multiple platforms reportedly fell 65% between the first season of American Gods and its third season. The show’s deletion comes just over a week after the season three finale, which debuted on Starz on March 21.

In our review of the S3 finale, we acknowledged that “in its three seasons so far, American Gods has had a complicated time, feeling a sort of Frankenstein monster of a story rather than a focused vision. “, and sadly we felt the final season was” no different “with the majority of the hour feeling” a little too busy for such a vital part of the American Gods arc. “

American Gods: Season 3 Pictures

American Gods joins a growing list of TV shows that have been canceled or announced to end in 2021, including the BBC’s Peaky Blinders, which announced ahead of its sixth season that it would end, allowing the show to end. come out on their own terms and hope to draw a satisfactory conclusion, however Showrunner Steven Knight once told Deadline that the series will return “in another form”.

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